Ascra is the first fungicide to contain two complementary SDHIs, and at its recent launch the company cited that in trials it has shown new levels of Septoria activity. That is borne out in the AHDB results, which confirms Ascra as the best protective and eradicant option.

Bayer’s Will Charlton says the AHDB fungicide performance data validates what the company has seen in extensive independent trials. "Last season we saw a mean 0.3 t/ha yield increase over Adexar (fluxapyroxad + epoxiconazole) in Bayer and independent trials. It’s pleasing to see that this has been echoed in the AHDB Septoria work with Ascra providing the best disease control and biggest yield in the trials."

"These AHDB trials are a single fungicide application targeting leaves two, three or the flag leaf. The data reinforces the superior Septoria activity and yield response Ascra offers over other commonly used T2 fungicides, especially at recommended rates."

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