AN INDEPENDENT decision support land mapping tool free from any manufacturer's influence, is being launched in the UK.

Called My Data Plant, it uses Sentinel satellite imagery and has been developed by Kleffmann Group. Those using the system are able to visualise biomass variance within a field to an accuracy of 5m x 5m and are able to monitor biomass development throughout the season.

This allows monitoring of differences and changes within the growing crop from the farm office or mobile device, with biomass providing an insight into the current health of the crop. Ultimately, the tool is used to generate variable rate fertiliser maps, based on growers’ needs and tailored to conditions and crop potential.

The fertiliser map can be downloaded onto a PC, tablet or smartphone, or onto an USB stick which is compatible with most precision software on the tractor. Optimal, variable rates of fertiliser can then be applied using precision applicators across the field.

“This innovation does not require a specific farm size or machinery because with the help of the intuitive web portal, it is possible to tailor make fertiliser requirements to ones’ needs from your desk," said Roger Pratchett, of Independent Business Resource, the UK alliance partner for Kleffmann.

"It is also important we feel to have an independent stand-alone system which is not directly linked to any input or service manufacturer. With just a few clicks, farmers can generate bespoke maps of the farm. Advisors, agronomists or land agents can do the same for a number of their clients,”

The satellite technology is said to provide a solution to provide complete information with accurate generation of data in support of precision farming.

Kleffmann launched the European system at the Agritechnica Fair, in Hannover, last month. Bukhard Kleffmann, CEO of Kleffmann Group, said: “We had positive feedback from farmers at the Agritechnica Fair. Numerous farmers registered for the tool there – from Germany and other European countries but also Indonesia, India and Brazil.”

Prices range from €4-8.50 per hectare.