• WITH SOME disappointing grain prices forecast, farm-saved seed will be a cost-cutting exercise on many farms this coming autumn, but be warned, be careful on how they go about it.

  • AN Aberdeenshire sprayer operator is the best in Scotland, according to the judges of a national competition.

  • Retirement, in a formal sense, sometimes doesn’t cross the mind of many farmers and this seems to very much be the case for Ian Craig, of Waterstone Farm, Johnstone.
    Born at the farm and having lived there all his life, he took over the running of the business in his teens and, now in his 69th year, he has rarely looked back.

  • For many producers, silage making has been a tricky task over the last few years, with many struggling to get decent yields let alone a decent quality of silage due some of the wettest summer months on record.

  • Sam Chesney runs a 150 Limousin suckler cow herd, bred to Limousin and Belgian Blue bulls, on his 190-acre Coolbrae Farm, near Kircubbin on the beautiful green Ards Peninsula of Northern Ireland.

  • IT'S A 'View from the East', the Far East and East Lothian, this month, with the combines nearing completion in Ukraine and a visit to two global agri-investment conferences in Singapore to report on this month.

  • LAND PRICES and costs of production in all sectors of the industry have soared in recent years with the result few opportunities arise for anyone let alone the younger generation to farm in their own right.

  • This year's Tillage-Live event is to be held at Westfield Farm, part of Lennoxlove Estate by Haddington in East Lothian, by permission of Hamilton Farming Enterprise Ltd, on Wednesday, October 3.

  • Organisers hope to build on last year's success for Cereals