Limagrain's senior wheat breeder, Ed Flatman on the latest wheats, LG Sundance and LG Motown, to get on to the Recommended List

"LG Sundance is a very high yielding soft feed winter wheat (104%), with initial official testing suggesting that the variety meets the specifications for distilling and animal feed markets.

“This is the first time that a variety has joined the list as both a highest yielder and with the highest septoria resistance, so it is exciting news for the industry, and something that we have been working very hard to achieve.”

“It also has excellent resistance to yellow rust, with a rating of 9. Mildew and brown rust are rated 6, so it’s an all-round package in terms of disease robustness. The value of the resistances of LG Sundance is clear to see when you look at untreated versus the treated yields, as there is only a difference of 14%, with the added bonus of OWBM resistance,” he added.

On LG Motown, he commented: "This also a high yielding variety with a yield of 103% offering a good disease resistance profile and the earliest maturing of the soft feed wheats. Its quality specifications suits both the distilling and animal feed markets.

“This early maturity of -1 for LG Motown against the standard of JB Diego is of significant value to oilseed rape growers or those in the north,” said Mr Flatman. "As with LG Sundance, the difference between treated and untreated at 89%, is only 14 % and is one of the lowest on the list, demonstrating how robust it is with regards to disease resistance.

“With farm testing, we have carried out trials over the seasons and locations to determine where our varieties sit best within rotations and LG Motown has shown itself to be a consistent variety in both first and second wheat situations. It is also suitable for the later drilling slot as it has a faster speed of development in the spring.”