A NEW app for tablets and smartphones aimed at easy identification of diseases and disorders in fruit and veg crops, has been launched by AHDB Horticulture.
The Crop Walkers’ Guide app is a user-friendly tool designed to accurately identify economically-damaging pests, diseases and disorders and also allows users to log the GPS location where symptoms were spotted while in the field. 
The app covers the protected ornamental and edible sectors, as well as field vegetables, soft fruit and tree fruit. 
High-resolution images show the key stages of each pest or pathogen, along with the typical plant symptoms produced and succinct bullet points to help with identification. 
It can detail where the pest or disease was spotted by GPS location, with images and notes on the findings. 
The team at AHDB Horticulture also receive the reports, which could be used in future to provide an early warning system to growers and their advisers. Dr Jon Knight, head of crop health and protection at AHDB, said: “If we can get enough people using this feature it could enable AHDB to provide intelligence to growers on developing issues and enable them to better prepare by undertaking additional monitoring or management actions.” 
n Download the app from Apple Store or Android by searching AHDB Crop Walkers’ Guide.