‘KEEP IT clean’ is the call from Will Ridgwell, sales manager for Nufarm UK, who said that we should prioritise weed control prior to drilling.

He argued that all weeds or stubbles that can interfere in the establishment process should be controlled prior to drilling.

Ideal for that, he said was Kyleo – a formulation containing glyphosate, 2,4-D and high tech surfactant.

Agri-agronomist, Hannah Mack, said she first used Kyleo after some nettles were poorly controlled in sugar beet.

“I needed to get rid of these weeds before the next crop went in, as you don’t have much time in the spring. Kyleo worked really well, burning them off quickly and helping to get the following spring crops in and established well.

“I will certainly have a go with Kyleo in such situations in the future, as glyphosate on its own didn’t work.

“This formulation has a broader weed spectrum and kills some of the more difficult weeds, such as nettles and mare’s tail.

It is better on brassica weeds and gives a quick burn down too,” she added.

Despite the current will they ban it, won’t they ban it dialogue coming out of Brussels, Nufarm said it will continue to invest in glyphosate by developing innovative co-formulations with additional actives to extend its weed spectrum.

For instance, Chris Norman, from Nufarm’s formulation development team, pointed out that Kyleo’s formulation is the most rainfast of all glyphosates on the market.