RECENTLY launched new tackle from Sulky Burel are aimed at making life easier.

Changes include a Duo hopper for its range of Xeos pneumatic seed drills, a 3m Xeos Pro Evo seed drill, plus a new design for its Xeos TF front hopper drill.

It has also updated its Cultiline power harrow by fitting the new quick-release tine system, RapidFit.

The Duo hopper for its HD, Pro and TF pneumatic seed drills allows slug pellets, or an additional seed to be placed alongside the main crop – which should be handy for ‘companion’ cropping.

Rates of between 0.5 to 15kg/ha are possible using an in-cab console, which independently manages the main metering device and the Duo hopper.

The 3m Xeos Pro Evo seed drill from Sulky is 400kg lighter than its predecessor and has a 1000-litre hopper, making it a manoeuvrable drill.

That means it doesn’t need a lot to make it go and a 130hp tractor will power it.

When fitted with a Cultiline XR disc cultivation tool, working speeds of 12- 14km/h can be achieved in optimum conditions.

In heavier conditions, or after ploughing, the Ctultiline HR rotary harrow, with four rotors per metre, can provide the seedbed preparation. Updates to cultivation equipment have also been released.