THE Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe aims to provide arable farmers with a simple, low cost method of controlling weeds in all types of band-sown combinable crops. The hoe works by tickling out the weeds in the unseeded strip between the rows and is particularly useful by reducing weed competition and allowing more light into the growing crop. Made by Claydon, the TerraBlade can be used on any tractor with a Cat II front linkage and has a power requirement of just 10-12 hp/m. The initial model, the M6, has a working width of 6m and is equipped with 20 blades which slice through the soil at depth of up to 3cm, cutting off the weeds’ rooting systems. Claydon plans a full range of TerraBlade models to match the working width of its Hybrid Opti-Till drills. Manually steered, the TerraBlade comes at a time when the efficacy of some herbicides is decreasing and the cost of control is increasing, said Jeff Claydon.