Arable News

Arable News

  • TWO KEY changes to the way the Recommended List for winter barley is adjudged, should provide the best possible information to growers, according to the HGCA which oversees the programme and has made the canges.

  • Maintaining a good soil structure, drainage and optimum pH levels have always been key to healthy crops, but focus more on pH and the nutrient requirements of the forth coming crop and yields can be maximised.

  • SCOTTISH GROWERS will not have a 'personalised' version of the new EU greening rules in time for next season, but will instead have to work within the 'basic' framework for at least a year until a local deal can be agreed.

  • ATTACKS OF alternaria have already started to hit potato crops at the same time as blight outbreaks have reached record levels for early season infection, and growers are advised to quickly assess infection risks, and bring forward treatment timings to prevent decimating green leaf loss.

  • PRODUCING CROPS with healthier roots, could be a key step for improving crop yields in the face of many challenges, says Syngenta's seedcare manager, Alison Bosher.



  • STALE SEEDBEDS will be a crucial weapon in the fight against black-grass this season, but they must be well managed to maximise effectiveness, says leading agronomy firm, Hutchinsons.

  • SOWING hybrid winter feed barley this autumn could offer benefits for both arable and mixed farms alike given its high yield potential, says Aberdeenshire-based area manager for Syngenta, Phil Smith.

  • Speaking at a recent meeting with the Scottish seed trade at Murrayshall Hotel, Perth, Lee Robinson, sales and marketing director for Limagrain underlined the importance of supplying non-glycosidic nitrile (GN) varieties to the market that could meet the needs of both distilling and brewing.

  • WITH SOME disappointing grain prices forecast, farm-saved seed will be a cost-cutting exercise on many farms this coming autumn, but be warned, be careful on how they go about it.

  • AN Aberdeenshire sprayer operator is the best in Scotland, according to the judges of a national competition.

The Gleaner

The Gleaner

  • LOCALISED RAIN, strong winds and all mixed in with some sunshine has seen some interruption to harvest - but the high winds have meant that combining has progressed quite well.

  • Following the latest USDA report, which came out last week, the November 2014 LIFFE feed wheat futures set a new contract low of £134.25 and was down £3.10 on the week.

  • WE'VE HAD ideal growing conditions for cereal crops and potato irrigation is an ongoing task that is very time consuming for most, never mind adding cost.

  • THE ROYAL Highland Show has come and gone once again ansd this time the obvious topics of conversation were to do with CAP reform, Scottish land reform and the September independence referendum.

  • CROPS ACROSS Scotland continue to look well with many spring crops showing a grand, even braird, though showers are holding up potato planting in some parts.

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