Arable News

Arable News

  • WHILE MUCH of Scotland's next crop of oilseed rape is in the ground or about to be so, experts from Scotland's Rural College are advising growers to keep a close eye on their crop this year as it could be vulnerable to a number of pests now that neonicotinoid seed treatments are no longer a control option.

  • WHILE harvest is still to really get going in Scotland, news from further south is of record yields and big tonnages for winter wheat and winter oilseed rape.

  • THE FIRST results from the AHDB's Recommended List trials are emerging with a strong showing for Scottish oilseed rape and also the first of the winter wheat results from the south.

  • POSITIVITY and a focus on using and developing biotechnology were the key messages put across by the James Hutton Institutes' chief executive officer, Professor Iain Gordon, in the wake of the Scottish Government's announcement that it is to ban genetically modified (GM) crops in Scotland.

  • A NEW ferric phosphate molluscicide has been approved for use in the UK.



  • Encouraging black-grass growth close to the soil surface, rather than trying to suppress it with ploughing or expensive cover crops, is the key to the effective long-term management of this problem grassweed, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons has said.

  • WHILE LIVESTOCK producers have had a tough year, they're not alone - arable farmers are struggling just as much and the prospects are far from rosy, unless you can make all aspects of your farm business pay.

  • THE RECENT increase in anaerobic digester (AD) plants has created a demand for hybrid rye, a crop previously seldom grown in Scotland and such has been the interest in this low cost crop, arable farmers might soon be calling in a forage harvester, rather than a combine harvester.

  • TWO NEW high-yielding hybrid winter feed barleys have been fast-tracked through the system so that growers can plant them this autumn, a year ahead of schedule, are being given the thumbs up by agronomists in Scotland and Northern England.

  • COOL WEATHER has blunted crop development and disease levels but not thwarted either of those - that's the finding following the The Scottish Farmer's CropWatch tour, in conjunction with Bayer CropScience and SRUC.

The Gleaner

The Gleaner

  • UNTIL SOME torrential downpours in the middle of this week, harvest was progressing well to the extent that all of the winter barley and most of the winter oilseed rape has been harvested.

  • FOLLOWING THE the recent USDA report which increased global wheat production by 4.5m tonnes to a whopping 726.55m tonnes due to increased expected yields in Russia and Ukraine, more than offsetting a lower crop in Canada, wheat prices have continued to fall almost on a daily basis.

  • MANY FARMS have cut winter barley and are now waiting for oilseed rape or spring barley to ripen.

  • HARVEST IS getting underway in the Borders and Aberdeenshire, with winter barley the first to be cut. 

  • Over the past month UK wheat futures prices for the crucial November, 2015, timing have been bouncing around the £125 per tonne level, driven by changing weather reports across the world.

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