New point of sale identifiers to assist in the purchasing of rams at breed society sales will be on view at two major events this weekend, thanks to a new initiative from Signet Breeding Services.

The gold and silver identifiers are designed to be worn round the neck of a ram and will identify animals in the top 10% and top 25% of their breed, respectively.

An extension of Estimated Breeding Values and based on the animal's overall EBV, these markers are designed to be quicker and easier to understand at a glance.

The identifiers, which are being used at the Charollais Sheep sale at Worcester today (Saturday) and the Hampshire Down sale at Stratford Upon Avon, are part of the ‘Seek out the Standard’ campaign, which encourages breeders to seek, check and review to ensure they buy rams with high genetic merit.

Emma Steele, Signet specialist breeding adviser, said: “These identifiers will make it easy for ram buyers to spot superior genetics at a glance, which will lead to increased productivity for both pedigree and commercial breeders.

“Once breeders have identified rams with top genetics, they should check the ear tag identity of the animal and review its EBVs with the breeder, using the sale chart or online at”

Signet Breeding Services will be delivering identifiers to Signet clients in early July to use over the summer.