A CHAROLAIS cross bullock claimed the championship at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' show and sale of weaned calves at Quoybrae, but it was a British Blue cross heifer that sold for the top price of £1300.
Taking the championship before selling to the judge, James Gunn, of Whitefield, Reiss, for £1200, was a 448kg Charolais cross stot from Kris Sutherland, Dunbeath Mains, Dunbeath.
Mr Gunn also bought his reserve champion, a 409kg Limousin cross bullock from D Dunnet, Linkmoor, Lower Warse, for £1050.
The Blue heifer that topped weighed in at 356kg and was consigned by Vauldale, Nybster, while a 231kg Limousin cross heifer from Achalone, Halkirk (I Mackenzie), achieved the best price per kg of 450.2p.
Bullocks reached 313.9p for a 231kg Limmy cross from The Antlers, Occumster, and £1100 for a 441kg Charolais cross from Reisgill, Lybster.
Overall, calves lacked the bloom of last year's offering which resulted in reduced averages as 311 bullock calves levelled at 249.8p (-9.2p on the year) with the 274 heifers at 243.5p (-5.1p).
Also forward was a selection of store and breeding cattle, where stores peaked at 253.2p for a 295kg Limmy cross heifer from Whitegate, Tresdale, while bullocks reached 237.5p for four 461kg Charolais crosses from East Murkle, Thurso.
Limousin crosses from Clachach, Westfield, topped the gross trade at £1175 for a 573kg bullock and £1070 for a 527kg heifer.
Breeding cattle (21) sold to £1900 for an in-calf Limousin cross heifer from Cairnside, 36 Oldhall, Watten.

LEADING prices:
Weaned bullocks – Up to 250kg – The Antlers £725; Tofts of Tain 309.9p. 251-300kg – Milton Farm, Halkirk and Bardnaclavan £830; Milton Farm 297.7p. 301-350kg – Reisgill £990, 303.7p. 351-400kg – East Kirk £990, 253.2p. 401-450kg – Bardnaclavan £1010; Dunbeath Mains 267.9p. 451-500kg – Reisgill £1020, 215.6p.
Weaned heifers – Up to 250kg – Achalone £1040; Reisgill 313.1p. 251-300kg – 3 Braal £910, 334.6p. 301-350kg – 3 Braal £1000, 326.8p. 351-400kg – Milton Farm £860; Vauldale 365.2p. 401-450kg – Reisgill £955, 215.1p.
Bullocks – Up to 350kg – Mid Calder £670, 198.8p. 351-400kg – Mid Calder £920, 232.3p. 401-450kg – Milton Farm £960; Bardnaclavan 225.7p. 451-500kg – East Murkle £1095; Brabsterdorran Mains 189.1p. 501-550kg – Clashach £1160; East Kirk 221.6p. 551-600kg – Clashach £1080, 205.1p.
Heifers – Up to 400kg – Whitegate £1000; Mid Calder 217.5p. 401-450kg – North Lyth £840, 191.3p. 451-500kg – East Murkle £980, 210.8p.
Breeding cattle – In-calf heifers – £1800 (x2 Her X), £1750 (Sim X), £1720 (Lim X) Cairnside, 36 Oldhall. Cow with calf – 72 Strathy West £1520 (x2).