DESPITE having the largest offering of 117 bulls, the Simmental breed saw only 61 bulls sell through the ring to average £5720 for a 52% clearance.

It was Boddington Estates’ Sterling herd dispersal which topped the day's trade when the heifer, Sterling Bacardi's Hawaii, sold for 28,000gns, while Sterling Celia’s Fifi and heifer calf, made 22,000gns.

Trade for bulls reached 22,000gns for the last bull in the catalogue, Manor Park Hayden, from Clive Houldey of the Manor Park herd at Kirtleton House, Lockerbie, who also secured his first ever supreme championship.

LEADING awards:


Heifers born on or before January 3, 2016 – 1, J Trafford’s Hepplewhite Noelle 16, by Popes Barclay, 1550gns to H Littler, Brook Farm, Common Lane, Duddon Common; 2, J Trafford’s Jepplewhite Champagne 22, by Snaebum Campari, 1550gns to H Littler. 
Heifers born on or after January 4, 2016 – 1 and heifer champion, Mrs H Clarke’s Williams Belle’s Hannah, by Clonagh Diehard Gallant, 3500gns to Harte Peat, Leonards Island, Clones, Co Monaghan; 2 and reserve heifer, S Millar’s Glenock Highflyer, by Kilbride Farm Delboy, 3300gns to AJ Ewing, Dumbretton, Anna; 3, Mrs H Clarke’s Williams Crystal’s Helga, by Clonagh Diehard Gallant, 1800gns to A Milne and Son, Demperston, Auchtermuchty; 4, AJ Wilson’s Cairnview Noon 4, by Wroxall Cocker-Leeky-Soup, 1900gns to JPM Bews, Gorn, Westray, Orkney; 5, N and N Gwynne’s Chestermann Data Mirander, by Overhill House Data, 1900gns to JPM Bews. 

Bulls born on or between October 26, 2015, and February 9, 2016 – 1, T Hill’s Scotland Hill Hercules, by Glenturk Extra Special, 4500gns to MG and A Shearer, Lythmore, Bridge of Westfield, Thurso; 2, WM Patterson and Son’s Aultmore Hamlet, by Banwy Bonzo, 11,000gns to J Innes and Sons, Dunscroft, Huntly; 3, R McCullock’s Overhill House Grand Prix, by Curaheen Drifter, 3000gns to N MacInnes, Skeabost, Isle of Skye; 4, JE Dyet’s Merkland Gee, by Saltire Arnie, unsold; 5, GW Smith’s Drumsleed Horatio, by Ravensdale Chopper, 5000gns to H Reid, The Laws, Kingennie, Broughty Ferry. 
Bulls born on or between February 10 and 29, 2016 – 1 and senior champion, J Maxwell’s Jaw Hamish, by Kilbride Farm Delboy, 5500gns to R Kingan and Son, Blairshinnoch, Kirkgunzeon, Dumfries; 2 and reserve senior, WG MacPherson’s Blackford Herbie, by Kilbride Farm Doubleaction, 3, G Brown’s Springfield Hercules, by Whitemire King Kong, unsold; 4, RS and ME Weatherup’s Roma Hawick, by Denizes Exclusive, 2250gns to Genoch Mains, c/o JM McIntosh, Dunragit, Stranraer; 5, H Duff’s Pitmudie Hunter, by Corrick Caesar, 3200gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness. 
Bulls born on or between March 1 and 11, 2016 – 1, C Inlgis’ Greencap Hugo, by Kilbride Farm Chieftain, 4000gns to Genoch Mains, c/o JM McIntosh, Dunragit, Stranraer; 2, JH and VG Wood’s Popes Handsome, by Kilbride Farm Comber, unsold; 3, H Gilbert’s Whiteridden Highlander, by Kilbride Farm Comber, unsold; 4, H Duff’s Pitmudie Hilcrest, by Corskie Elder, 3000gns to DA Russell, Whitehill, Howwood, Renfrewshire;  5, H Duff’s Pitmudie Harley, by Corskie Elder, 3000gns to R Simpson and Son, Duchlage, Crieff. 
Bulls born on or between March 12 and 22, 2016 – 1, RMKD Hind’s Ravensdale Harrier, by Heathbrow Ex Factor, unsold; 2, G and A Christie’s Rockytop Houdini, by Corskie Cannon, 5000gns to C and M Emslie, Law Farm, Insch;  3, WH Robson and Sons’ Kilbride Farm Hightown, by Corskie Damario, 3000gns to TR Walker, Ryeflatt, Cleghorn, Lanark; 4, Strathisla Farms’ Strathisla Hennessay, by Losning Ivor, unsold; 5, WS Stronach’s Islavale Hogan, by Wolfstar Elusive, 15,000gns to K Eunson, Braebuster, Deerness, Orkney. 
Bulls born on or between March 23 and 30, 2016 – 1, reserve intermediate and reserve supreme, G and A Christie’s Rockytop Hurricane, by Corskie Cannon, 13,000gns to WJ Hollingsworth, Midhope Hall, Sheffield; 2, Strathisla Farms’ Strathisla Hagrid, by Islavale Donald, 11,000gns to J Jeffrey, Kersknowe, Kelso; 3, Strathisla Farms’ Strathisla Havan, by Islavale Donald, 7500gns to G Allan, Glenturk, NEwton Stewart; 4, JL and CJ WEatherup’s Lisglass Horatio, by Dermotstown Delboy, unsold; 5, WS Stronach’s Islavale Hunter, by Atlow Dixon, 6500gns to Balbirnie Home Farm, Pitillock, Freuchie, Fife; 
Bulls born on or between March 31 and April 8, 2016 – 1, intermediate champion and supreme champion, DC Houldey’s Manor Park Hayden, by Blackford Worzel, 18,000gns to A Wright, West Lundie, Argaty; 2, WJ and J Green’s Corskie Hamlet, by Greencap Ace, 5000gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness, Orkney; 3, Mr and Mrs L Moffat’s Innerwick Hotshot, by Braidwood Everest, 10,000gns to JI and W Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay, Orkney;  4, GW Smith’s Drumsleed Hercules, by Kilbride Farm Benone, unsold; 5, R McCulloch’s Overhill House Helper, by Curaheen Drifter, unsold. 
Bulls born on or between April 8 and 25, 2016 – 1 and reserve junior, WJ and J Green’s Corskie Harbro, by Dirnanean Bradley, 9000gns to AD Sutherland, Connachie, Elgin; 2, N and N Gwynne’s Chestermann Henry, by Sterling Empire, 4000gns to I and A Fisher, Spittal Farm, Creetown, Newton Stewart; 3, T, C and G Greenhill’s Craighill Hector, by Knockreagh Champion, 3200gns to WJF Ramsay and Sons, Cardryne, Drummore, Stranraer; 4, SB Knox’s Kyeston Harley, by Keeldrum Eclipse, 6000gns to Firm of D Smith, Fallaw, Inverkeilour, Angus; 5, RS and ME Weatherup’s Roma Hallmark, by Samark Superman, 2200gns to R and W Gauld, Leys of Dummuie, Drumblade, Huntly. 
Bulls born on or between April 26 and May 13, 2016 – 1 and junior champion, D and R Durno and Sons’ Auchorachan Hermon, by Auchorachan Elgin, 8000gns to Professor WA Penny, Harehead, Cranshaws, Duns; 2, N and N Gwynne’s Chestermann Handsome, by Overhill House Data, 4000gns to JK Ledingham, Fintry, Turrif; 3, D and R Durno and Sons’ Auchorachan Hunter, by Auchorachan Elgin, unsold;  4, GW Smith’s Drumsleed Harvester, by Haystar Cracker, unsold; 5, WJ and J Green’s Corskie Heseen, by Bel Dhu Capercaillie, 4800gns to T Miller and Son, Balannan, Ringford, Castle Douglas. 
Bulls born on or after May 14, 2016 – 1, Strathisla Farms’ Strathisla Harvest, by Islavale Donald, 8500gns to M Cruickshank, Parkfield, Oldmeldrum; 2, Strathisla Farms’ Strathisla Hornblower, by Islavale Donald, 6500gns to RH Brunton, Crudie Acres, Arbroath; 3, J and G Houliston’s Saltire Hector, by Kilbride Farm Dragoon, 4500gns to A and D Clark, Stratheast, Holm, Orkney;  4, Mr and Mrs M Ward and Sons’ Westridge Hercule, by Grangewood Baron, 3200gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness; 5, DD McDowell’s Castlemount Hilltown, by Longbeach Darius, unsold.