LIMOUSINS from Nethermyres topped Lawrie and Symington's prime sale last week, when a bullock sold to 246p per kg and another to £1535.47, with the 9 bullocks levelling at 223p.
Heifers (18) averaged 238p and peaked at 246p for a Limousin from West Bog and £1411.83 for a Limousin from Pityot.
Levelling at 168.6p with 238 SQQ hoggs at 185.4p, the 715 hoggs sold to 207.1p for 42kg Beltex from Glenmoy and £96 for 48kg Beltex from Newmill of Inshewan.
Bleu du Maines from Newton of Inshewan lead the 181 cast ewes and rams to £105.

AN increased number of hoggs and a larger ringside of buyers was present at United Auctions' sale of 2544 prime lambs, where export types sold sharper on the week.
They reached 211p per kg for 42.7kg Beltex from Cuttlebrae, Clochan, and to £95 for 57kg Beltex from Woodbank, Drumblade.
Ewes cashed in at recent high rates with Suffolks from Bareflathills lead the 474 cast ewes to £117.

BULLOCKS from East Futtie, Lumphanan, topped Aberdeen and Northern Marts sale of 53 prime cattle when 16 cashed in to average 208.7p per kg (+4.3p).
They sold to 226p for a 620kg Limousin and £1601.40 for another weighing 785kg.
Averaging 205.9p (-5.5p), the 26 heifers reached 224p for a 620kg Limousin from Stoneyhill, Keithhall, and £1427.90 for a 655kg Charolais from the same home.
Four young bulls levelled at 152.5p (-6.9p) and sold to 157p and £1193.20 for a 760kg Simmental from Newton of Drum, Drumoak.
Among the cast cattle, 131 beef cows averaged 146p (+9.2p) and peaked at 180.8p for a 600kg Limousin from Buchaam Farm, Strathdon, and £1530 for a 895kg British Blue from Shiel, Muir of Fowlis, while 6 dairy cows sold to 117.3p and £745 for a 635kg Holstein Friesian from Heatherhouse, Tankerness.
Averages rose within the prime sheep, when 4914 hoggs averaged 180.6p (+5p) with SQQs at 187.9p (+5.3p). They sold to 250p for 40kg Beltex from Aldie, Cruden Bay, and £129 for Beltex weighing 65kg from Woolhillock, Skene.

Stirling (Cal)
SELLING dearer on the week at Caledonian Marts' prime sale due to a better entry of numbers forward, bullocks averaged 211p per kg, with heifers at 217p.
A Limousin from W Pettigrew, Faskine, Airdrie, led the heifers to 245p, with another reaching £1580 from AS Hay, Mains of Caultmalundie, Tibbermore.
Bullocks reached 240p for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, and £1645 from A and J Muir, Clackmannan.
Among the 50 cast cattle, beef cows were topped by Charolais at 171p from AF Thomson and Son, Lammerview, Athelstanesford, and £1180 from G Russell, Leslie Park, Denny.
On Tuesday, the firm sold 1580 prime hoggs where trade peaked at £101 and 217p for Beltex from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill. They averaged 166.35p (-9.6p).
Cast ewes and rams (494) saw the 163 heavy ewes level at £79.99 and hit a top of £121 from A Dunn, Redhall, Gargunnock. The 251 export ewes averaged £60.

STRONG demand resulted in a dearer trade at C and D Auction Marts' prime sale last week, where the firm had forward 3124 prime hoggs.
They sold to a top of 318p per kg and £127 for Beltex hoggs from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Octhermuthill, Crieff.
A smaller show of 2219 cast ewes and rams saw heavyweight types sell slightly easier on the week with Texel ewes from Beckfoot to £154, while Texel tups from Kilnford Croft sold for £175.
Prime cattle made a tremendous trade with heifers averaging 222.7p and selling to a top of 240p for a 1st prize heifer from Mr Taylor, Dashwellgreen, while bullocks peaked at 213p for a 1st prize, 700kg from Messrs Jardine, Yett.

Stirling (UA)
LAST week, United Auctions' sale of 3465 prime lambs averaged 176.25p per kg and peaked at £118 and 252p for Beltex from Longfauld.
A sale of 40 new season lambs saw Suffolks lead at £124 from Harpercroft and 250p from Menteith, while 387 cast ewes reached £149 for Texels from Langside.
Suffolk tups from Marvingston made £100.

St Boswells
HARRISON and Hetherington's sale of prime cattle last week saw 22 bullocks average 219p per kg (+3.0p on the week) while 63 heifers levelled at 218p (+3.0p).
Heifers led the trade at 254p from Bee Edge, while bullocks sold to 235p from JF Finlay and Co Ltd, Seggarsdean. Top price per head at £1583.30 came for an entry from Seggarsdean.
Among the 28 cast cows, they averaged 147.6p and peaked at 201p and £1700 from Upper Huntlywood.
Levelling at 176.6p (+10p), the 820 hoggs peaked at £100 for Cheviots from Adderstonsheils and 237p for Beltex from Faughill, while 20 new season lambs averaged 209.51p and sold to £120 and 255p for Texels from Hermiston.
The 317 cast ewes sold slightly dearer on the week with heavy ewes averaging £79, while light ewes levelled at £54 and sold to £74 for Cheviots.

WELL-fleshed hoggs were easily sold at Craig Wilson's sale of 1634 on Monday, when they averaged 175p and sold to a top of 212.8p per kg for a pen of 47kg Beltex from M Stevenson, Dailly.
New season lambs (27) averaged 238.8p and peaked at 254.8p for a pen of Texel lambs from J McKinley, Almont, Pinwherry.
Among the 327 cast ewes and tups, heavy ewes averaged £76.78 and sold to £136 for a pen of Texel ewes from D Gilmour, Broomknowes, Maybole, while light ewes sold to a top of £68.50 for Blackface ewes from J Kennedy and Son, Perryston, Dunure, to average £57.60.
Texel tups from J and A McLellan, Mid Flock, Newton Mearns, led the cast tups at £97.

A LARGER show of 53 prime cattle was forward at Harrison and Hetherington's prime sale, on Monday, where heifers led the trade at £1668.04 for a Blonde heifer from Messrs Chrichton, Loughrigg, Egremont, and to 231.4p per kg for a British Blue from the same home.
Bullocks reached £1638 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Gate, Hollins, Cockermouth, and to 233.5p for a Limousin from Cracrop Farm.
The firm's sale of prime sheep saw an entry of 1500, where Texel hoggs from Messrs Jackson, Clarks Farm, topped at £97.80 and Texels from Messrs Mitchell, Mirkbooths, at 223.3p.
Cast ewes reached £108.58p for Texels from Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft, Waverton, and

Castle Douglas
ALL classes aside from well-fleshed, lightweight types sold cheaper on the week at Wallets Marts' prime sale where 373 hoggs averaged 166.64p with SQQs at 172p.
Hitting a top of £83 were Beltex hoggs from J Cowie, Copelaw, Gatehouse, while lightweight Texels from Southwick made 196.1p.
The first spring lambs of the season sold to £90 for two Zwartbles from Messrs Duffy, The Smithy, Dunragit, while 162 cast ewes topped at £60 for Blackface ewes from Beoch, Loch Doon, with tups to £127 for a Suffolk from Edgarton.

HEIFERS (21) topped Dingwall and Highland Marts sale on Tuesday, where they averaged 224.8p per kg (+11.1p) and sold to 240p and £1440 for a 625kg Limousin cross from Kinchyle Farm, Scaniport.
Averaging 215.9p, the 12 bullocks reached 220p for a 575kg Simmental cross from Newton of Darnaway, Forres, and £1343.75 for a 625kg Limousin cross from Braes of Coulmore, North Kessock.
In the prime sheep, 775 old season lambs levelled at 170.8p (-11.8p) and peaked at 211.8p and £90 for a pen of Cheviots from Torgorm, Conon Bridge. The 509 SQQs averaged 180.3p (-5.2p).
A Texel ewe from Kinnahaird, Contin, topped the feeding sheep