LAWRIE and Symington’s recent prime sale included six bullocks which averaged 220p per kg and 28 heifers at 233p. 
Heifers hit a top of 260p for a 514kg Limousin from Leyshade, and £1468 for a Charolais weighing 607kg from Craignathro. 
Topping the bullocks at 252p and £1543 was a 609kg Limousin from Nethermyres. 
Levelling at 256.6p, the 147 prime lambs sold to 277.1p and £133 from KB Robertson, Over Baldinnie. 
The 160 hoggs averaged 184.8p and reached 227.7p for a 47kg Texel from Croft of Cultalonie, and £114 for a 57kg from the same home.

NEW season lambs again sold at increased rates at United Auctions’ sale of 83 last week, where trade peaked at 257p per kg for 42kg Texel crosses from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade. 
They also sold to £115 twice for 48kg Charolais crosses from Everton of Auchry, Cumminestown, and for 68kg Zwartbles crosses from Corrybrae, Glenkindie. 
Hoggs reached 201p for 42.2kg Texel crosses from Silverford, Gamrie, and £102 for 55.2kg Texel crosses from Davmor, Cairnie. 
In the ewe ring, Suffolks from Corrybrae topped the sale at £100. 

HEIFERS topped Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale of 69 prime cattle, where 31 averaged 219.6p per kg (-3.3p on the week) and 26 bullocks cashed in at 206.3p (-0.7p).
Topping the heifers at 240p was a 565kg British Blue from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie, with a 620kg Limousin from the same home at £1419.80.
A 585kg Charolais and 540kg Limousin from Waterside of Forbes, Alford, led the bullocks at 236p, while a 900kg Limousin from Woodbank, Drumblade, made £1557.
Averaging 151p (+4.9p), the 174 beef cows peaked at 193.5p for a 535kg Limousin from Ringesta, Quendale, and £1690 for a 985kg Charolais from Bankhead, Portlethen. 
Dairy cows were topped at 118.7p and £795 for a 670kg Holstein Friesian from Heathercow, Tankerness. 
Also sold were 367 new season lambs which averaged 240.3p (+6.7p) with 307 SQQs at 241.1p (+5.9p). They sold to 263.4p for a pair of 44kg Texel crosses from North Retannach, Rothiemay, and £122.50 for 58kg Texels from Netherton of Inverveddie, Peterhead. 

PRIME bulls met a strong demand at Mitchells Auctions’ sale of 40 prime cattle when they sold to 225.5p per kg and £1569.48 for a Limousin from P and PI Walker, Beechcroft.
Cast cows sold to 189.5p and £1133.21 for an entry from JA Mounsey and Son, Grange Farm. 
Spring lambs improved on the week to average 250.7p, selling to 315p for a 40kg Texel from TA Byers, Ellenbank, while a 53kg Texel lamb from Messrs Cartmel, High Low Hall, made £130.

Stirling (Cal)
BOTH bullocks and heifers sold to 238p per kg at Caledonian Marts’ sale of 95 prime cattle, where bullocks averaged 211p and heifers levelled at 220p. 
Bullocks sold to 238p twice from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, and C Malone, Pitcairn, while top price per head was £1712 for an entry from C Smith, South Flanders. 
Heifers peaked at 238p from J Caldwell and Son, Moorfield, and to £1665.76 from J Brown, Greencraig. 
Averaging 195p, young bulls reached 215p for a Limousin from IW Brisbane and Son, South Woodlane, and £1420 for a Limousin from WI and AC Callion, Balfornought. 
On Tuesday, the firm’s sale of 504 spring lambs averaged 235.77p (-20.34p on the week and plus 62.7p on the year) or £96.04 (-£8.82 on the week and +£24.11 on the year). 
They sold to £124 twice from D Henderson, Auchenrivoch, and DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill. The Taylors also received 282p, a price matched by G Whyte, Pett.
Prime hoggs (217) peaked at £117 twice for Texels crosses from A MacGregor, Allanfauld, and JP Smeaton, Craggan, and to 221p twice, also from Allanfauld and Auchtenny. They averaged 180.7p (-1.8p).
Levelling at £76.27, the 156 heavy ewes sold to £119 for a Texel from R Bryce and Partners, Chalmerston, while 82 export ewes averaged £56.04. 

FORWARD at Darlington Auction Mart last week, were 111 bulls which sold to 230p per kg for a home-bred Blonde from P and E Ellis, Lisern Farm, and £1993 for a pure Limousin from American Squeeze Crush, Oak Tree. 
A better trade for clean cattle saw a Blonde from Lisern make 259p, while a Limousin bullock from A Crowder, Butsfield Burn, realised £1587. 
Averaging 237p, 1607 prime lambs peaked at 288p for a pen of continentals from P Tindale, Paradise Farm, and £129 for a pen of Texels from JC Simpson, Hill Top East. 
Trade was easier on the week when 1607 hoggs peaked at 202p for Texels from RL and AR Phillips, Firtrees, and £110 from R Wade and Son, Primrose, Side Farm.
The 590 cast ewes and tups reached £110 for a continental ewe from P Wilson, West Roads.

SPRING lambs improved on the week at North West Auctions’ on Monday, where the largest entry of the season averaged 234p per kg. 
The 816 forward sold to £109 for Texels from JE and J Pure and Son of Quernmore, and 263p from AG Butler of Hambleton. 
Prime hoggs peaked at £80.50 for Suffolks from Bradlow Farm, while cast ewes were topped at £96 for Suffolks from Bradlow Farm. 

A SMALLER entry of 35 bullocks and heifers was forward for Harrison and Hetherington’s sale, where bullocks sold to £1602.86 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Harrison, Down Hall, Wigton, and 229.5p for a Limousin from Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Wigton. 
Heifers peaked at £1274.37 for a Limousin from Messrs Milbourne, Walby Grange, Carlisle, and 228.5p for another from Cracrop Farm. 
The 325 cast cows peaked at £1859 and 217p for a British Blue from Messrs Carr, Homilton.
A larger sale of prime lambs saw a pair of Texels from Messrs Martin, Boggle Hall, and a similar pair from Messrs Perason, Wavercroft, top the trade at £113.80, while a pen of Dutch Texels from Messrs Storey and Son, Woodhead, made 332.8p. They averaged 259.7p.
Cast ewes sold to £107.50 for Texels from Messrs Jones, Ashcroft, and Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft.

SELLING through Dingwall and Highland Marts were six bullocks which averaged 224.3p per kg (+3.4p on the week) and four heifers which levelled at 219.2p (-13.3p). 
Bullocks topped the sale at 226p and £1393.75 for a 585kg Simmental cross from Newton of Darnaway, Forres, while heifers peaked at 225p and £1293.75 for a British Blue cross weighing 575kg from Easter Sheep Park. 
The 28 new season lambs levelled at 246.8p (+8.8p) with 27 SQQs at 247.9p. They peaked at 263.5p and £112 for a pen of Texel crosses from Kinnahaird, Contin. 
Averaging 181.5p, with 40 SQQs at 181.5p, the 46 old season lambs reached 207.6p for a pen of Cheviots from Togormack, Beauly, and £94 for a Texel cross from Flemington Hall, Gollanfield. 
Feeding sheep (57) sold to £114 for a Suffolk tup from Cantraybridge College, Croy. 

Castle Douglas
ON Tuesday, Wallets Marts’ sale of 587 prime lambs saw trade reach £116 three times.
This was paid for 37kg and 42.4kg Texels from Messrs Wilson, West Barmoffity, and again for 39.2kg Beltex from Messrs Jardine, Upper Hardland.
A smaller show of hoggs reached £106 from Messrs Sproat, Lennox Plunton, while cast sheep sold sharper on the week to a top of £129 for a pen of Texel rams from Messrs Campbell, Tappit Lane. 

Newton Stewart
SPRING lambs were well up on the year when Craig Wilson sold 664 to average 232p per kg, against 175p last year and 225p last week. 
They peaked at 265p for a 40kg pen of Texels from J Wallace, Claycrop, and £117 for 50kg Texels from J McMillan, Carse o’ Clary. 
Hoggs (52) sold to £85.50 and 208.5p for Charollais from A Wright, Pinmore Mains. The 158 cast sheep reached £143 for a Texel tup from Barlaughlan with ewes to £130 for Texels from Drumbreddan.