LIMOUSINS dominated Lawrie and Symington’s sale of prime cattle, last week, where five bullocks averaged 232p per kg and 23 heifers levelled at 234p.
Limousins from Nethermyres topped both the bullocks and heifers, when a bullock sold for 247p and a heifer hit 258p. 
Bullocks also sold to £1540.77 for a Limousin from the Riggs and to £1524.60 for a Limousin from West Bog. 
In the sheep section, 341 prime lambs averaged 228.6p having sold to a top of 278.1p for 41kg Texels from Wardmill and £124 for 45kg Texels from West Pitchorthie. 

PENRITH and District Farmers’ Mart sold 1081 prime lambs to a top of £132 for a 51kg Texel from JG and LM Kindleysides, Wickerslack, Shap, and 278p per kg for a similarly bred lamb weighing 41kg from Messrs Sowerby, Sycamore Rise. 
Averaging £112.37 or 254p, the 367 prime hoggs reached a top of £123 for Suffolk lambs weighing 45kg from TF and JR Pollock, Wreay Hall Farm. They also sold to 204p for a Suffolk from Hardrigg Hall. 
Among the 1033 cast ewes and rams, a pair of Texel ewes from Holme Farm made £139, while Cheviot rams from the same home sold for £108. 

A MIXED show of lambs cashed in at comparable rates at United Auctions’ sale of 926 prime sheep, last week. 
New season lambs (227) reached 242p per kg for Texels weighing 45kg from Hillview, Scurdargue, and £118 for 49kg Texels from Auchenbreedie, Insch. 
Continentals scaling 41.5kg from East Belhinnie, Rhynie, led the 120 old season lambs to 190p, while similar hoggs weighing 60kg from Parkhouse, Maud, made £90. 
Among the 579 cast ewes, Suffolks from Ladybank topped at £96 apiece. 

SELLING through Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ were 11 prime bullocks which averaged 209.3p per kg (+0.3p on the week) and 30 heifers which levelled at 217.7p (-4.4p). 
Heifers topped the sale at 240p for a Limousin weighing 535kg from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie, and £1398.25 for a 595kg British Blue from Hillocks, Whiterashes. 
A British Blue weighing 600kg from Whiteside, Tullynessle, led the bullocks to 235p, while a 750kg Charolais from Ardivot Farm, Lossiemouth, sold for £1500. 
Averaging 147.3p (-3.1p), the 11 beef cows sold to 165.1p and £1255 for a 760kg Limousin from Hillocks, Whiterashes, while three bulls levelled at 126.2p (-0.9p) and reached 138.3p and £1770 for a 1280kg Simmental from Dundurcas, Rothes. 
In the sheep section, 187 new season lambs averaged 222.5p (-11.8p) and sold to 238.9p for 45kg Texels from Oldtown, Peterculter, and £111.50 for 50kg continentals from Bogiefeulach, Tornaveen.
Texels from Crathie Lodge, Laggan, led the 53 old season lambs to 182p, while similar hoggs weighing 62kg from Roadside, Swanbister, made £95.50. The 164 SQQs levelled at 225.3p. 
Selling dearer on the week were 275 cast sheep which topped at £135 for a pen of Texel ewes from Home Farm Auchry, Cuminestown. 

Stirling (Cal)
HEIFERS topped Caledonian Marts’ sale of 81 prime cattle, when they sold to 250p per kg for a Limousin from AS Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore.
Averaging 226p, they also reached £1716 from J Brown, Greencraig, Falkirk.
In the bullocks, trade peaked at 245p for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, and £1768 for a Charolais from C Smith, South Flanders, Kippen, to average 220p. 
Levelling at 134p, a Charolais from RA Purdon, Easterton, Caldercruix, reached 162p and £1410, while dairy types sold to 116.5p and £990 from W Hamilton and Sons, Meldrum, Stirling. 
On the Tuesday, the firm sold 500 spring lambs to a top of £124 for a 58kg Texel from D and J McKerrow, Nochnary, Freuchie. Averaging £94.59 (+£2.50) or 223.2p (-4.5p), they also sold to 264p for a pair of 42kg Texels from J Messenger, Ayton, Abernethy. 
Heavy ewes averaged £69.69 and peaked at £125 for a Texel from A Smith, Allanview, Braco, while 123 export ewes levelled at £53.86.
Tups sold to £96 for a Texel from A Hunt, West Mains, Gleneagles.

Stirling (UA)
TEXELS from Meadows of Ballied topped United Auctions’ sale of 1667 new season lambs when they sold for £138 and 283p per kg. 
Lambs averaged 236.01p. 
Cast ewes (1231) peaked at £130 for Texels from Fleurs, while Bluefaced Leicesters tups from Devol made £120. 

St Boswells
AT Harrison and Hetherington’s prime sale on Monday, 24 bullocks averaged 228p per kg with 36 heifers balancing out at 232p. 
Longnewton topped both the pence per kg and per head section when they sold an entry at £1519.04 and a heifer at 253p, while bullocks peaked at 249p from J Gilmour and Co, Penston. 
Averaging 153p (+0.5p on the week), the 50 cast cows sold to 209p from Mosstower and £1977.88 from Humbie Mill. 
The firm’s sale of 1186 lambs averaged 228.7p (-2p) and sold to £127 twice for Texels from Thornington, and 265.9p twice for similarly bred lambs from Huntington. 
Texels hoggs from Lanton Crag sold for £103, while Suffolks from Stagehall led the cast ewes to £99. 

PRIME lambs hit a top of 261.4p per kg for a pen of 44kg Beltex lambs from JM Thomson and Son, Blairbowie, Maybole. 
Averaging 226.5p (+3.7p), the 1487 lambs also sold to £126 for Beltex from Barsklelly.
Cast ewes (670) saw heavy ewes average £89.14 and reach £147.50 for Texels from G and M Wardrop and Son, South Craigton, Newton Mearns. Light ewes peaked at £65.50 for Blackfaces from D Robertson, Craigdarroch, Dalleagles, to average £56.21. 
Texel tups from RT and MBM Taggert, Glenauchie, Straiton, led the 16 cast tups to £121.50.

HARRISON and Hetherington had forward 41 prime cattle on Monday, where a Limousin cross bullock led the trade at at £1651.70 from Messrs Batey, High Knells, Carlisle. 
Bullocks also sold to 227.5p per kg for a Limousin from Down Hall while heifers peaked at £1293.50 for a Limousin from Messrs Nixon, Stosfold Farm, Hexham, and 223.5p for a heifer from Messrs Mitchell, Mirkbooths. 
A good show of 276 cast cows saw beef types hit a top of £1470 for a 760kg Limousin cross from Messrs Spence and Sons, Roberthill, and 195.5p for a Limousin from Greengate Well Farm. Among the dairy types it was a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Elwen, Netherfield, which topped at £1282 with another from Howrigg at 169.5p. 
All classes of prime sheep saw numbers rise, with heavier lambs selling to the dearest trade. They sold to £128.80 three times for heavyweights from Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft, Messrs Bell, Mill Cottage and Messrs Bell, Ashknowe, and to £125.80 for Texel cross lambs from Messrs Todd, Longhirst, Brampton. 
Cast ewes continued to sell well with a pen of Texel cross ewes from Messrs Hall, New Houses, Irthington, leading at £115.50. 

BULLOCKS topped Dingwall and Highland Marts’ sale of 23 prime cattle on Tuesday, where the seven forward averaged 237.4p (+16.3p on the week) and reached 245p per kg and £1482.25 for a 605kg Limousin cross from Raffin, Tore. 
Limousins from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie, topped the sale of 16 heifers when one weighing 610kg sold to 244p and another weighing 635kg made £1524. They averaged 228.6p (+7.4p). 
Some 174 lambs sold to a top of 227.3p and £100 for 44kg Texel crosses from 3 Balnabeen, Conon Bridge and £100 for 46kg Texel crosses from Blairbuie, Halkirk. Averaging 215.5p (-8.1p), the 168 SQQs levelled at 215.6p (-8.6p). 
A Texel ewe from Lochdhu, Nairn, led the 82 feeding sheep to £112. 

Castle Douglas
Selling through Wallets Marts this week were 981 prime lambs which levelled at 218.68p per kg and sold to £117 and 279p for 42kg Beltex from Messrs Adams, Torhouskie. 
Cast sheep hit a top of £100 for Texels from Nether Barr.
Newton Stewart
ON Wednesday, Craig Wilson’s sale of 817 spring lambs averaged 219p per kg or £92.10 per head and sold to £114.50 for 24 heavyweight Suffolks from J Cannon, Clauchrie and Texels from R McCraig, Port O’ Spittal. 
They also peaked at 243.6p for Beltex scaling 39kg from Boreland Farms. 
Bluefaced Leicester tups from Messrs Campbell, Liddesdale House, made £124, while Suffolk ewes from the same home made £110.