LAWRIE and Symington had forward 20 prime cattle last week, where eight bullocks averaged 231p per kg and 11 heifers levelled at 228p. 
Limousins from Nethermyres topped the trade at £1500 for a 625kg bullock, while a heifer weighing 520kg made 253p. 
Bullocks also reached 242p for a 619kg Limousin from the same home, with heifers to £1382.96 for a 586kg Limousin heifer from Craignathro Farms.
Averaging 212.6p, the 432 prime lambs sold to 263.2p for a 43.5kg Beltex from Mill of Inverarity and £122.50 from Newbigging of Ceres.
The 105 cast ewes and rams saw Texel ewes from Horn top at £121.50 and Texel rams from North Mains of Dun peak at £100. 

Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart sale of 1492 prime lambs averaged 217p per kg and reached £119 or 277p for a Texel lamb from WH Brass, Low Row, with a similar pen weighing 45kg from Dale Head Farming Co also selling for £119.
Among the cast ewes, another flying trade saw Texels from Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor Farm, lead at £126 while Bluefaced Leicester rams from Cross Dormont made £99. 
The firm’s sale of prime cattle on Monday saw a Limousin heifer from D Raine, Old Parks, top at 215.5p and £1304.44.

SELLING through Aberdeen and Northern Marts, last week, were 26 prime bullocks which averaged 213.1p per kg (+2.8p on the week) as well as 17 heifers which levelled at 232.4p (+3.6p). 
Top price per head at £1533 came for a 730kg Limousin cross bullock from Nether Mains, Torphins, while a 490kg Limousin cross heifer from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie, topped the price per kg section at 248p. 
Bullocks also sold to 245p for a British Blue cross weighing 585kg from Waterside, Alford, and heifers also reached £1445.50 for a 660kg Limousin cross from Clunycrichton, Banchory. 
Among the cast cows, 163 beef types averaged 152.6p and peaked at 205.3p for a 655kg Limousin from Buchaam, Strathdon, and £1590 for a 1075kg Simmental from Drumsleed, Fordoun. 
A Shorthorn weighing 680kg from Rowanbank, Maud, led the five cast bulls to 130.9p, while a 1225kg Charolais from Dinnet Farms, Abyone, made £1630. They averaged 127.8p. 
Averaging 217.4p (+25.6p) with 224 SQQs at 219.2p (+23.8p), the firm’s sale of 361 new season lambs hit a top of 261.2p for a Beltex duo weighing 40kg from Burnside Croft, Lethenty, and £115.50 for 57kg Texels from Craigmill, Maud. 

Stirling (Cal)
TRADE peaked at £1671 for a Simmental bullock from Molemount, Galston, at Caledonian Marts’ sale last week, and  258p per kg for a Limousin heifer from Learielaw, Broxburn.
Averaging 215p, bullocks also sold to 250p for a British Blue from Todhall, Cupar, while heifers levelled at 232p having reached £1587 for a British Blue also from Todhall. 
In the cast cows, beef types averaged 128p and sold to a top of £1200 for an Aberdeen-Angus from Hume of Overton Farm, and 157.5p for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw. 
Dairy types averaged 108p and reached £1060 and 124.6p for a Friesian from G Millar and Son, Gallamuir. 
A Beef Shorthorn from H Greer, Gelvan View, Kinross, led the cast bulls at £1050. 

Stirling (UA)
SUFFOLKS from Little Raith sold for the top price per head of £125 at United Auctions’ sale of 2913 new season lambs. 
Averaging 211.9p per kg, they also sold to 253p for Beltex from West Lethans.
Among the 1468 cast ewes and rams, Lochhouse sold Texels ewes to £117 while Texels tups from Wester Mye led the cast entry at £124. 

AT C AND D Auction Marts’ sale of 60 prime cattle, increased competition saw trade reach a top of 225p per kg for a Limousin heifer from J Jardine, Yett.
Among the cast cows, beef types averaged 137p having peaked at 153p for an Aberdeen-Angus from Potterland, and £1312.25 for a Simmental from Millhill.
Fleckviehs from Slacks led the dairy types to 141p and £1022.50, with dairy cows selling to average 115.6p. 
Trade remained good within the 1051 prime lambs where a top price of £107.50 was paid for heavyweight Texels from Shieldhill.
The firm’s sale of 302 cast ewes and rams saw Texels rams from Abune the Brae peaked at £141.50 with Suffolk ewes from Bush of Craigs selling for £114.50.

A LARGER show of 2386 prime lambs was forward at C and D Auctions’ sale at Longtown, last week, where they averaged 218.5p per kg with SQQs at 218.8p. 
A top of 282p was paid for Texel lambs from Messrs Roots, Kilnford Croft, as well as £129 for a similar pen from Messrs Ralston, Rhoin, Campbeltown. 
The show of 3853 cast ewes and rams met a strong demand with Texels from A Hamilton, Smyllum, leading the ewes at £154 and Texels from Viewley topping the rams at £150.
Due to seasonal work, a smaller show of prime cattle was forward and peaked at 206p for a Limousin from D Wilson, with cows to 139p for black Limousin crosses from R and P Armstrong. 

St Boswells
AT Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of prime cattle this week, 20 bullocks levelled at 215p per kg while 41 heifers averaged 229p (-2p on the week).
Heifers led the trade at 252p from Bee Edge, while bullocks sold to 249p from WTS Forsyth and Sons, Woodhead. Top price per head at £1488.62 came for an entry from Haughhead. 
Cast cows (54) averaged 144p and reached 187p from Stagehall and £1419.60 from Dalkeith House Farm. 
Averaging 212.3p (-10p on the week) the 2015 lambs peaked at £122 and 241.6p for Texels from Huntington. 
Cast ewes (395) levelled at £82.40 and reached £121 for Texel ewes. Heavy ewes averaged £93 while light ewes sold to £93 for Cheviot ewes from Muircleugh to average £71.

PRIME lambs averaged 213.2p per kg at Craig Wilson’s sale of 1651 at Ayr on Monday, where trade peaked at £110 for heavyweight Texels from Messrs Shennan, Farden, and again for more of the same from Messrs Miller, Baidlandhill. 
They also reached 245.1p for Beltex cross lambs weighing 41kg from Messrs Shearer, East Revoch. 
The 575 cast sheep saw Texel ewes from J Forsyth, Glenside, Maybole, lead at £146 while Charollais tups from J Kennedy, Lyonston, Maybole, reached £129. 

A SMALL but select show of prime bullocks and heifers was forward at Borderway Mart this week, where a Limousin cross bullock from Messrs Harrison, Downhall, led at £1625.
Bullocks also sold for the top price per kg of 231.5p per kg for a similar animal from Messrs Bake, Halfway Well, Penrith. 
A Limousin cross from Halfway Wall topped the heifers at £1343.34, while a Limousin from Messrs Mather, Cocklet Hill, made 236.5p.
Among the 352 cast cows, a Charolais from Piperdean Rigg made 219.5p while a Limousin weighing 924kg from Halfway Hall sold for the top price per head of £1769.
A good show of 91 prime bulls saw a Limousin from Messrs Harryman lead at £1734.92 and a British Blue cross from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, made 227.5p. 
Averaging 217.9p, Harrison and Hetherington had forward a larger show of 2000 prime lambs which saw heavyweight Texels from Messrs Graham, Hallrigg, Plumpton, hit a top price of £129.50. 
Trade also reached 275.8p for a pen of 36 Dutch Texels weighing 38kg from Messrs Storey, Wood Head, Haltwhistle. 
Texel ewes from Townfoot secured the lead price in this section at £121.50. 

Castle Douglas
WELL-fleshed types ensured a good trade at Wallets Marts’ sale of 1238 prime lambs where they averaged 211.59p per kg with SQQs at 211.83p. 
Heavyweight Texels from Rascarrel, Auchencairn, topped the trade at £110 while a pen of Beltex from Compostonend, Twynholm, made 244.2p. 
Among the cast sheep, trade peaked at £117 twice for Texel ewes from Hillside and again for Texel tups from Breckoniehill. 

BULLOCKS (13) averaged 237.4p (-1.1p on the week) at Dingwall and Highland Marts’ prime sale on Tuesday, where 18 heifers levelled at 236.1p (-0.1p). 
Selling for the top price per head of £1536.15 was a 665kg Limousin cross heifer from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie, while lead price per kg at 250p came for a 560kg Limousin cross bullock from Raffin, Tore. 
Bullocks also reached £1506.70 for a 610kg Limousin cross from Raffin, with heifers also peaking at 246.0p for a Limousin cross weighing 590kg from Udale, Poyntzfield. 
The firm’s sale of 350 new season lambs averaged 201.3p (-6.2p) with 298 SQQs at 203p (-7.4p). They sold to 224.1p for a pair of 41.5kg Texel crosses from Wester Moy, Urray, and £93 for Suffolk crosses weighing 48kg from the same home. 
Feeding sheep (219) peaked at £112 for a Texel ewe from Wester Moy. 

LIMOUSIN heifers from DA Harrison, Hill House, Aldoth, led Hopes Auction’s sale of 32 prime cattle on Tuesday, when they sold for 254.5p and £1731.45.
Bullocks followed at £1501.61 and 224.5p from JJ Dixon, The Thwaites, Welton.
A smaller show of bulls met a good trade, reaching 218.5p and £1315.37 for a Limousin from I and CL Richardson, Greenlands, Cockermouth.
An increased entry of lambs was topped at £147 for 44kg Beltex from A and MJ Trafford, Bassenthwaite Hall Farm, Bassenthwaite, and 338.2p for 38kg Beltex from JM Carruthers and Son, Grassgarth, Wigton. 
Among the prime ewes, a pen of five Beltex from R Hall and Son, Inglewood Edge, Dalston, made £111. 

Newton Stewart
HEAVYWEIGHT Texels from Claire Drummond, Straid, sold for the top price per head of £111 at Craig Wilson’s sale of 1033 prime lambs, on Wednesday, while lightweight Beltex from A McKay, Broughton Mains, made 242.1p per kg.  
Among the cast ewes, Texels from A Clark, Fineview, topped at £130 with Texel tups from J Wyllie, Laggansarroch, to £114.