LAMBS from Willie Frame, Haspielaw, claimed the top two titles and went on to sell for the lead price at a show and sale of Texel prime lambs at Lawrie and Symington’s Lanark centre. 
Picked out by Craig Hamilton, Allanton, the top trio from Haspielaw weighed 41kg and went on to sell for 250p per kg, or £102.50 to Robert Lawson, Eastmains. 
The three in reserve tipped the scales at 45kg and later sold for £103.50, a price matched by a second prize trio from Robert and Margaret Struthers, Collielaw, which weighed in at 42kg. 
The 75 show lambs cashed in to average 210.1p while, outwith the show, the 1608 lambs levelled at 196.4p and also sold to £115.50 for a 55kg Suffolk from MG Masterton, Burnetland. 
The entry of cast sheep saw Texels from Boylston lead the trade at £142.50.
Also on offer was a selection of prime cattle which peaked at 256p for a 566kg Limousin heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees.
The entry of 76 cast cows reached 151p or £1605 for a Charolais from Messrs Taylor, Mosshall. 

LEADING awards:

Texel-sired prime lambs – Lightweight (at or under 42kg) out of Mule – 1, A Cullen, Craighead, 40kg, £80.50. Heavyweight (above 42kg) out of Mule – 1, Robiesland Farms, 43kg, £83.00; 2, Craighead, 44kg, £86.50; 3, Robiesland Farms, 45kg, £88.50. Lightweight out of Texel – 1, W Steel, Cumberhead, 37kg, £81.50; 2, R and M Struthers, Collielaw,  42kg, £103.50; 3, R Squair, Lower Killernie, 41kg, £85.50. Heavyweight out of Texel – 1, Collielaw, 45kg, £100.50; 2, R Reid, Bengal, 44kg, £95.50; 3, Craighead, 44kg, £99.50. Lightweight out of any other breed – 1 and champion, W and P Frame, Haspielaw, 41kg, £102.50; 2, AF and R Cruickshank, Little Kype, 40kg, £82.50; 3, K Johnstone, Boghouse, 41kg, £81.50. Heavyweight out of any other breed – 1 and reserve, Haspielaw, 45kg, £103.50; 2, S McCaskie, West Milrig, 47kg, £99.50; 3, J Linton, Sornfallow, 43kg, £84.50.