AN entry of 850 store cattle for Mitchell Auction Marts’ annual show and sale at Cockermouth, ensured a full ringside of buyers and a top price of £1600 paid for the champion. 
That was a Limousin heifer from TB Stamper and Sons, Harrot Hill, which sold to the judge, Shaun Harryman, Keskadale. 
The reserve champion, a Limousin bullock from Messrs Powley, Green Marsh, sold for £1205.
Top price amongst the bullocks was £1335 paid by David Barker, for a Limousin from Messrs Holliday and Graham, Bolton Wood Lane. 
The entry of freshly calved dairy heifers and second calvers, from TM and BA Place, Strawberry How, saw trade peak at £1480. The buyers were GA and D Whitfield, Pelutho Grange.

LEADING awards:

Bullock – Lim – 1, Messrs Powley, Greenmarsh, £1205; 2 and 3, J and RJ Marchester, Craika Lodge, £1195 and £1315.BB – 1, SG Benson, Horrace, £1135; 2, Snowhill Partners, Ericstane, £1065.
Heifer – Lim – 1, champion and 3, TB Stamper and Sons, Harrot Hill, £1600 and £1290; 2, Greenmarsh, £1280. BB – 1, Greenmarsh, £1100; 2, Ericstane, £1065.AOB – 1, BJ Harrison, Beck Farm, £1435.