C AND D Auctions Marts held its annual show and sale of both North Country Cheviot and Hill-type Cheviot prime hoggs at Longtown last week, where the champion pen of Hill types went on to top the sale at £90.
That was a pen scaling 52kg from Messrs Carruthers, Woodhall, Annan, which sold to the pre-sale show judge, Michael Lomax.
In reserve was a 39kg pen 39kg from Messrs Hume, Sundhope, which made £76 to Andrew Dawson.
Mr Dawson also went to £75 for the champion pen in the NCC section. That was a 42kg group from Messrs Conon Brae Farms, Torgorm, Dingwall.

The Scottish Farmer:

Champion NCCs from Messrs Conon Brae Farms, Dingwall, sold for £75

Standing reserve and topping the NCC trade at £80 was a 47kg pen from Messrs Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, which were knocked down to Messrs MacTaggart.
Outwith the Cheviot show, prime hoggs averaged 168.8p per kg with SQQs at 177.3p. Trade peaked at 282p per kg and £115 for apen of Beltex hoggs from first time consignor, Jimmy Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Crieff.
Cast sheep (3991) peaked at £150 for heavy Texel ewes from Messrs Campbell, Dinnans., while lighter types hit £78 for Lleyns from Marygate.

LEADING awards:

Hill Cheviot – Up to 38kg – 1, Sorbie, 37kg, £67.50 to A Pickstock; 2, Glendearg, 36kg, £67 to A Dawson; 3, Chanlockfoot, 36kg, £64 to A Pickstock. 39-44 kg – 1 and reserve, Sundhope, 39kg, £76 to A Dawson; 2, Sundhope, 39kg, £71 to A Dawson; 3, Glendearg, 41kg, £73.50 to A Dawson. 45 kg + – 1 and champion, Woodhall, 52kg, £90 to M Lomax; 2, Sherra Craig, 52kg, £85.50 to J Tucker; 3, Longburgh Fauld, 49kg, £81 to M Lomax.
NCC – 1 and champion, Conon Brae Farms, 42kg, £75 to A Dawson; 2, Whitefield, 41kg, £75 to Dunbia; 3, Whitefield, 44kg, £76.50 to J Thompson. 44kg + – 1 and reserve, Longburgh Fauld, 47kg, £80 to B MacTaggart; 2, Cleughbrae, 46kg, £78 to J Thompson; 3, Waterside, 55kg, £77 to Farmers Fresh.