A SPECIAL show and sale of 85 spring-born lambs at Harrison and Hetherington's Lockerbie centre, was judged by Andrew Graham, of D Paisley Butchers in Wigton, and included special classes for young handlers. 

Winning this section was Emily Hunter, of Upper Brydekirk, Anna, with a Texel cross lambs which weighing in at 42kg and was knocked down to Mr Graham for the top prices of 294p per kg or £123.50. 

Reserve here was Jack Richardson, Whitehead Brow, Mealsgate, with another Texel cross. This one tipped the scales at 39kg and was also snapped up by Mr Graham, this time for 264p or £103. 

Mr Graham also went to £123.50 for the winning pair of lambs in the open section, a 42kg pair of Texel crosses from the Hunter family, Upper Brydekirk. 

Selling the following day was a selection of store cattle which met a strong trade to top at £1140 for a 497kg Limousin heifer from DA Wilson, Belzies, with the same home leading the bullock trade at £1100 for a trio of British Blues weighing 443kg. This pen also made 248 per kg, but leading the pence per kg section at 282p was a Limousin heifer from J Drummond and Son, Holmland.

LEADING awards:

Young handlers – Aged 10 years and under – 1, Ella Inman, c/o Upper Brydekirk, £114, 44kg; 2, Rebecca Slater, Rose Cottage, Beckermet, £100, 47kg; 3, Jonty Inman, c/o Upper Brydekirk, £114, 44kg. Aged 11 and over – 1 and champion, Emily Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, £123.50, 42kg; 2 and reserve Jack Richardson, Whitehead Brow, Mealsgate, £103, 39kg; 3, Sarah Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, £123.50, 42kg. 
Spring lambs – 1, TW and J Hunter, Upper Brydekirk; 2, M and JI Slater, Rose Cottage, Beckermet; 3, Miss J Irving, Durdar Road, Carlisle.

LEADING prices:

Bullocks – Per head – BB – £1100 Belzies. Lim – £985 (x6), £980 (x3), £875 Meikleholm; £955, £845 Cleuchhead; £910, £830 (x3) Penlaw. Char – £950 Greenfield. Her – £850, £755, £750 Ruthwell. A-A – £770 Fingland. Per kg – BB – 248p Belzies. Lim – 246p, 240p, 219p Penlaw; 230.9p, 226.3p Cleuchhead. A-A – 237.7p Fingland. Her – 219.1p, 203p, 193.8p Ruthwell.
Heifers – Per head – Lim – £1140 Belzies; £920, £875, £780 (x5), £770 (x2) Holmhead; £875, £800, £790 Penlaw; £770 Cleuchhead. BB – £1060 Belzies. Char – £1000, £840 Greenfield. A-A – £890, £880 (x2) Esbie; £885 Copewood; £845 Corriesmains. Per kg – Lim – 282p Holmhead; 244p, 229p, 224p Penlaw; 229.4p Belzies. Char – 250p Greenfield. BB 236p Belzies. A-A – 226.5p Esbie; 219p Corriemains; 218p Holmhead.