A shearling ram from Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall, sold for a record price of 10,000gns at the two-day show and sale of Herdwick sheep at Cockermouth.

The tup, which stood reserve champion a the pre-sale show and was first in the ring on the second day, is backed by generations of home-bred Turner Hall breeding. He sold in a two-way split to James Rebanks, Racy Gill and Richard Weir, Chapel Farm.

The champion, from WS Jackson, Nook Farms, made 2500gns selling to D and SH Ellwood, Baskell.

A flying trade for Herdwick rams saw no fewer than 37 break the 1000gns mark, with 11 selling for 2000gns or more. Ram averages also improved by £273.44 on the year to level at £745.16.

Breeding ewes peaked at £220 per head twice, for a pen of three-crop entries from R Wilkinson and R Tennant, Gatesgarth, and for another pen of similarly aged ewes from AS and C Hodgson, Glencoyne.

Champion pen of females was a lot from AD and T Harrison, Brotherilkeld, whose ewes later made £180 per head selling to A and A Whittle, Knott End.

The reserve pen, five ewe lambs from CI Hartley, Barfields, realised £80 to R and A Ellwood, Baskell Cottage.

By the end of the day, ewes averaged £48.43; gimmers averaged £58.25 and ewe lambs settled at £35.70.


Hdwick – Ewes – £220, £105 Gatesgarth; £220, £180(x2), Glencoyne; £190 Anns Cottage; £180, 110 Brotherilkeld; £130 Little Cross.

Gimmers – £132 Anns Cottage; £92, £82 Scelsceugh Farm; £88 Deepdale Hall; £85 Hogg House Farm.

Ewe lambs – £85 Nook Farm; £80 Barfield; £80 How Beck Lodge; £72, 70 Knott Houses; £70, 62 Anns Cottage.

Rams – 10,000gns, Turner Hall; 6200gns, 2200gns, Grove Farm; 3800gns (x2) Cockley Beck; 3800gns, 3200gns, Little Cross; 2800gns, Racy Gill; 2500gns – Nook Farm; 2100gns, The Gallion; 2000gns, Lamplugh Road.

Auctioneers: Mitchells.