Strong demand for big, powerful shearling rams and tup lambs at the two-day Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association sale at Lanark, ensured a cracking trade for the cream of the crop.

The first day's shearling ram trade saw prices peak at £42,000 for the best from John and Ian Campbell's Glenrath flock from Peebles, purchased by Burncastle Farming Company, Lauder; Tommy Renwick, Williamhope and Billy Renwick, Blackhouse. Glenrath also scooped the lead shearling flock average selling 10 at £7150. 

A further 16 shearlings broke the magical five-figure price tag between the two sale rings which saw the first ring level at £2197.08 for 264, compared to £2214.46 for 285, in 2016, while the second ring cashed in at £557.25 for 265, against £544.91 for 220, last year.

Other top shearling sales included £32,000 from Midlock; £20,000 and £14,000 from Dyke and £16,000 from Wanwoodhill.

Ram lamb prices the following day hit a top of £58,000 to level at £4644.77 for 155, up £483 on the year, but for 30 fewer sold.

Sale leader here was Hugh and Alan Blackwood's first Auldhouseburn lamb from Muirkirk, which sold to Glenrath; Willie Dunlop, Elmscleugh and Auldhouseburn who retained an equal share.

Other top sellers included a £55,000 lamb from Easter Happrew; £45,000 from Loughash and Midlock; £28,000 from Blackhouse; £24,000 from Glenrath and £20,000 lambs from Nunnerie and Crossflatt.

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