Prime beef cattle prices are still on the up, with Scottish averages for -U4L heifers at long last breaking through the £4 per deadweight kg.
While values for organic and Aberdeen-Angus beef remain above the £4 per kg bracket, the most recent figures for -U4L heifers at 400.9p is the first time any grade has hit the magical figure since the heydays of 2013 when prices peaked at 420p.
Overall steer averages in Scotland were up 1.8p per dwkg to level at 388.7p for the week ending July 29, with those hitting the R4L spec’ cashing in at 393.1p, which compares to 380.2p south of the Border.
Similarly, Scottish heifer averages rose 1.2p to 391.5p, with cattle hitting spec’ balancing out at 395p, against 377p in England and Wales.
Further price rises in Scotland were also seen amongst the young bulls and cast cows which rose 1.4p to 372.6p and 4.6p to 284.8p, respectively.