It has been a busy few weeks for juniors trying to fit in the home pony shows all around the country, with quite a few travelling over the sea to Cavan, Ireland before heading to Scotland and the Scottish National Equestrian Centre which hosted this event for the first time.

Organisers, George and Doreen Blackie, along with son and daughter, Craig and Heather, managed to pull off the four-day junior show with next to no hiccoughs – even torrential rain did not stop play, with classes on the final day being moved inside.

A mammoth effort from the team, many helpers and staff the show was voted a resounding success and after threats of the show disappearing from the Scottish calendar altogether this triumph and its definite place in 2018’s diary was also a huge relief to the parents and juniors for whom this is a major event in their year.

Jumped outdoors in the grass arena and indoors the schedule contained everything from club 70cm to the top level and many HOYS qualifiers attracting riders from England, Ireland and Wales as well as from all around Scotland.

It was great to see the Scots hold their own and pick up a few more tickets to compete at Birmingham in October.

Shaunie Greig had her work cut out in the Pony SJ Of The Year when she faced 17 of the best 148cms ponies in the country over an up to height, square track set by Mark McGowan.

Jumping clear with the already qualified Casino Royale only one other combination could leave the fences standing, Madison Jamieson on Bodyssee Des Avaline but then these two decided not to jump again and just split the prize with both heading to HOYS.

Nicole Lockhead Anderson slotted into third with an unusual two down on Stars Surprise.

Nicole gained some compensation when she steered Little Red Cloud through in the foxhunter second round, finishing second, 11 seconds quicker with the winner but with one pole falling in the third and final round. Little Red Cloud is now through for both finals having qualified for the newcomers a few weeks ago at Keysoe.

Returning the only treble clear of the class was Borders based Megan Morris on her own RS Capello, a nine-year-old by the Anglo European sire, Ashway Calisto, which is now jumping well in America.

Bought two years ago when the pony only had a few pounds on his card he and Megan have been working their way up the classes and not only head off to HOYS soon but also have all their newcomers and foxhunter double clears for next year.

Ella Garlick picked up the final qualifying place with the spotted pony Dash Of Port in third.

There was a popular Scottish victory in the newcomers second round when Dunfermline-based Chloe Templeton rode her Scottish-bred Still Got Me into the winner’s spot, beating 54 other ponies and riders in the process.

Bred by Morag Crocket this bay 148cm is by her For Pleasure/Sandro stallion which was given to the Whitakers to jump.

Produced from Chloe from his four-year-old days, they were rewarded for their hard work with one of only two double clears finishing slightly quicker than Tatiane Mauree on Horseabout Zibu who now has two finals to look forward to thanks to a win in a foxhunter second round at South View, in May.

Chloe had a very good show warming up by winning a JC/JD qualifier and a newcomers on her good looking grey Rockmount Casper who then went on to win the final of the JC/JD series on the last day of the show.

In the 128cm HOYS qualifier there was no Scottish winner but there may as well have been for the congratulations young William Stewart received when he picked up a qualifying ticket or his third place on board Sox’s Pocket Rocket.

This 12-year-old mare jumped in Ireland before heading abroad but father Billy he wasn’t long sourcing her and bringing her back to Scotland for William only eight months ago with this only their second attempt at a HOYS qualifier.

One pole on the floor in the third and final round saw them stand behind Irish rider, Charles Heffron, on Dandy, who won the class and former HOYS champion Rachel Proudley on Styx Evo.

Not to be over shadowed William’s younger brother Jackson made sure he took some red rosettes home to their Turlood stables base just outside Lesmahagow when he steered Ardfry Sherpa round to win the Gateway final on the last day of the show after a long wait while classes were jugged around to run inside after the down pours.

Willaim was also second in the 128cm final in which another young Scot took the top prize.

Coylton-based Fergal Holohan rode his own grey Harri Potter to beat both William and Amy Morris on Madonna to take this title.

Travelling from the Borders, Rory McFadyen found himself winning the Rising Stars final after a long wait when the class was rescheduled.

A quick jump-off round saw him the fastest of five double clears from an initial 14 starters with little chestnut mare, Curly Q.

Sister Katy had earlier headed the 80cm final with Seans Delight after a fast jump off in a strong 27-starter class over two seconds quicker than Katie Woods Young on Apache Joe.

Only five started in the 148cm Grand Prix with quite a few deciding to head home early but the class still took some jumping with three recording double clears.

Sandy McLean came out on top with Castle Hill Clover in 38.17 from Charley Hamilton on Novella’s 38.75 and Lila Bremner steadier for third on Lapislazuli.

It didn’t quite go to plan for Morgan McCormack on JJ Lucky Star but he came back out fighting to produce to fast clears later in the day to secure the 1m final.

LEADING awards

128cm qualifier – 1, Madonna, A Morris; 2, My Little Liesel, EA Burrell-Squib; 3, Harri Potter, F Holohan. 148cm qualifier – 1, Catle Hill Clover, S McLean; 2, Novella, C Hamilton; 3, Newtown Samson, E Smit. 138cm qualifier – 1, Lissduff Royale, T Kyle; 2, Drumaclan Flight, E Squib; 3, Mr Jack Sparrow, H Cooper. Foxhunter – 1, RS Capello, M Morris; 2, Epee Nazar, IJ Graham; 3, Mountmary Enda, S McLean. Restricted 1.1m – 1,Dun The Business, A Aitken; 2, Neilston Puffin; 3, Starmaker, D Somerville. Welcome Stakes – 1, Buzz Lightyear, E Sedgwick; 2, Neilston Puffin, O Shanahan; 3, Kilcurry Dawn, H Squib. Discovery – 1, Lord Ivy, J Cassidy; 2, First Date, M Heaps; 3, Ballying Rangere, K Gupta. 90cm – 1, Maginty, I Campbell; 2, Knickerbocker Glory, Y Evans; 3, TGF Sapphire, L Rennie.Newcomers-1, Rockmount Casper, C Templeton; 2, Caherlistrane Glass, H Williams; 3, Optimus Prime, S Cobban.1m – 1,MJ, M Heaps; 2, Ferrybank Roy, E Banks; 3, Taraco Emerald, C Hamilton. JC/JD Qualifer – 1, Rockmount Casper; 2, Harradene Jade, E Woods; 3, Caherlistrane Glass. Club 70cm – 1, Tweedbank Second Thought, A Wicks; 2, Indimill A, M Potts Fowles; 3, Miss Daisy D, J Stewart. Rider Gateway – 1, Lackaghmore Sam, F Holohan; 2, Milford Fair Kommander, C Johnson; 3, Blu Skye Too, G Nelson. British novice – 1, Castlequarter Jack, B Cassidy; 2, Smokegun, K Moore; 3, Ballycastle Grey, T Kyle.80cm – 1, Syfynwy Jason, B Thornton; 2, Curly Q, S McFadyen; 3, Knockgorm Jack, C Durnall. Scope 128cm – 1, Blackshade Of Gold, P Wright; 2,Penchwintan Glynne, I Snowden; 3, Sweet Baby James, S Wicks. Scope 138cm – 1, Glenvar Sparky, Y Evans; 2, Lennon Prince, I Kerr; 3, Optimus Prime, S Cobban. Rising Stars – 1, 6 shared. 11 and under – 1, 9 shared. Newcomers – 1, Dalsown Gwdi HW, H Nelson; 2, Brynmeillion Darius, O Guntrip; 3, Lord Ivy. 1m – 1, Neilstown Puffin; 2, Strider IV, H Nelson; 3, Karbolit, J Gallagher. British novice – 1, Ballylennon Dark Mist, B Cassidy; 2, Ballyglunnin Girl, Z Kelly; 3, Smokegun. Intro 80cm – 1, Mileage For Milo, K McFadyen; 2, Quantro, A McCulloch; 3, Syfynwy Jason. 1.25m warm up – 1, Peachy, E Sedgwick; 2, Tobar King, S McLean; 3, Bertie Boy, S Foley. Pony SJ Of The Year – 1, Casino Royale, S Greig and Bodyssee Des Avalines, M Jamison; 3, Stars Surprise, N Lockhead Anderson. 138cm – 1, Shappen Pilgrim, R Proudley; 2, Glenvar Sparky; 3, Triple Treat, V Thompson. 128cm – 1, Bellfield Benjamin, N Von Bulow; 2, Shangan Ringo, O Shanahan; 3, Painted Lady, R Proudley. HOYS 128cm – 1, Dandy, C Heffron; 2, Styx Evo, R Proudley; 3, Soxs Pocket Rocket, W Stewart. HOYS 138cm – 1, Playboy Van De Zoetewei, T Kyle; 2, Triple Treat, V Thompson; 3, Koraika, M Green. Discovery – 1, Caz, H Williams; 2, Maylim Lilly B, M McCormak; 3, Epee Nazar. Intro 90cm – , Caher Silver, F Young; 2, Flash Bobby, M Nedelec; 3, TGF Sapphire. Scope 128/138 handicap – 1, Knickerboker Glory; 2, Picatchu, E Wright; 3, Sweet Baby James. JC/JD-1, Lucky Bay, P Wright; 2, Going Platinum, C Miller; 3, Murphy X. 1.15m Members Cup – 1, Miami Carwyn, N Lockhead Anderson; 2, Lissduff Royale, T Kyle; 3, Lapislazul, L Bremner. Foxhunter second round – 1, RS Capello, M Morris; 2, Little Red Cloud, N Lockhead Anderson; 3, Dash Of Port, E Garlick. JC/JD final – 1, Rockmount Casper; 2, Moydow Misty, M Bennett; 3, Aughnanure Leo, I Carpenter. Newomers – 1, Horseabout Zibu, T Mauree; 2, Ardwolihane Bounce, M Stanley; 3, Silver Shoe, O Gillespie. Restricted 1m – 1, Red Riding Hood, I Marmont; 2,Lakeland Little Star, S Martin; 3, Flash Bobby, M Nedelec. 128cm mini major qualifier – 1, Forever Penny, P Deakin; 2, Glen Hill, S Roper; 3, Leo The Lionheart, K Moore.70cm – 1, Luna Blue, M McMyn; 2, Becky V, K Murdoch; 3, Panywaun Golden Nugget, E Heenin. British novice – 1, Mixed Spice, J Spiers; 2, Indimill A, M-A Potts Fowles; 3, Pantywaun Golden Nugget. 80cm – 1, Flash Bobby; 2, Maginty; 3, Curly Q. Scope 138cm – 1, Llanderfell Prince Toby, M Li; 2, Sarim Mr Scoot, J Bainbridge Craig; 3, Optimus Prime. Foxhunter – 1, Just The Same, C Millin; 2, Sam003, C Millin; 3, Brynmeillion Darius. Restricted 1.1m – 1, Starmaker, D Somerville; 2, Red Flamenco, S McLean. 138cm individual final – 1, Lyncott Montana, Y Evans; 2, Lissduff Royale; 3, Playboy Van De Zoetwei, T Kyle. 80cm final – 1, Seans Delight, K McFadyen; 2, Apache Joe; 3, Quantro III. 128cm final – 1, Harri Potter, F Holohan; 2, Sox Pocket Rocket; 3, Madonna. SHP Grand Prix – 1, Castle Hill Clover, S McLean; 2, Novella; 3, Lapislazuli. 1.05m – 1, Bertie Boy, S Foley; 2, Tynagh Lady, S Foley; 3, Neilstown Puffin. Newcomers second round – 1, Still Got Me, C Templeton; 2, Horseabout Zibu; 3, Uncanny, L Hounslow. 90cm final – 1, Bradmoor Tess; 2, Kid Sister; 3, Candy Twist, C Campbell. Rising Stars final – 1, Curly Q; 2, Miss Rose D, S Roper; 3, Paper Money, P Walker. Gateway final – 1, Ardfry Sherpa, J Stewart; 2, Glen Hill; 3, Tom Tom, C Johnstone. 1m final – 1, JJ Lucky Star, M McCormack; 2, Riversdale Sioux, J Billington; 3, Taraco Emerald, C Hamilton.