Muirmill Equestrian centre went to great effort once again to produce an interesting course for the South-west Scotland Area’s ‘Derby day’.

With 22 fences spread out around the all-weather including a double of water trays, an open water and many well-dressed rustic fences it imitated a real Derby and gave horses a real eye full from start to finish.

A generous £250 to the winner was up for grabs in the biggest class of the day, the 1.2m open in which 11 started and five made it through to the jump-off.

Ayrshire’s Trevor Nicholson took advantage of being drawn last to know exactly what he had to do to steer Angela McKillop’s Drumconnick Verdi home just over a second faster than Susan Deasy on Woliena BB.

Martin Arnott, with Queen Elisabeth, also jumped a double clear for third; Nicky Williams brought Ali back out after a long break to fill fourth and Lucy Stewart produced the fastest round overall out just rubbed once fence for fifth.

The Wilmer team had a good weekend again, favouring a centre which their horses clearly enjoy and excell in.

Amanda Wilmer’s Moll Mor just missed out in the Bronze League semi-final at Bishop Burton but came back to scorch round a busy 80cm class with regular jockey, Sam Scrimgeour, on board.

Of the 16 forward, just two returned double clears with Sam five seconds quicker than Victoria Walker on Spring Dawn to take the prize money and one of the SWS-sponsored rugs on offer throughout the day.

Greg Taylor has taken over more rides since his return to ride for Jim and this time it was the ever-reliable Van De Bay Girl which could not be caught in a speedy 1.1m Derby.

Elspeth Jamieson was drawn first on VIP Cooley but a pole on the floor left it wide open for Greg to steal the win, although he finished over 13 seconds quicker on this fast mare to take the £150 prize.

It has been almost two years since My Hallo Jessie travelled from Ireland to join Natalie Devlin and after a bit of a slow start, the pair are now on form in newcomers classes.

They accounted for the big 23-starter 90cm Derby when, after jumping clear around the long first round, they showed their fitness to go clear again seeing off the only other to finish on a zero score, Kirstie Boyd on Halymyres Hanita.

Stuart Muirhead, the reigning NAF Five Star champion, was once again far travelled, coming from Aberdeen to compete at this show.

He was rewarded for his efforts when he spurred on Merrlyns Mondena into first in the 1m section.

Onto SNEC and the second round qualifiers were everyone’s aim. Lucy Rennie kept the flag flying for the Wilmer team when she scored in the 95cm second round with Jim Wilmer’s Parkhill Legacy.

Another recently returned from Bishop Burton’s Bronze League second rounds and the British National championships this pair have stayed on form throughout and now have three finals to look forward to at the Aintree amateur championships in November.

Natasha Brown has produced her lovely grey Quality Time sired mare Goldie II by herself since buying her from Sports Horse Continental as an unbroken three-year-old with this pair showing consistency this year.

Their clear in the jump-off was good enough to slot into second place in this qualifier.

Isla Stewart was only slightly adrift on time for third with her own Bruntons Rising Star.

Lucy had to settle for second place in the 1.1m National amateur second round qualifier but with the fences up around the 1.2m mark, she was delighted to get a ticket once more with Parkhill Legacy.

This stopped a one:two by Lucy Stewart, who stood first with Glow DK and third with Cancun.

Lucy has had a busy year between travelling around the country, training with Horse Scotland then more recently competing at the British National championships and Scope, at both of which she was in the money and now will aim for the amateur finals in a couple of month’s time.

The junior show the day before saw the hot favourite having to settle for the runner-up spot in a strong Central Scotland junior championship. Young Charley Hamilton took the honours with Castlebaldwin Golden Arrow.

Taking over the ride from Abagail Maitland at the end of July, this pair have had little time to get to know each other although they have already been winners at Church Farm and competed at Wales and West.

Charley rode a mature and accurate round on this palomino 15-year-old to become the only rider to remain clear throughout to win the championship title and trophy.

This was no mean feat, with Nicole Lockhead Anderson on fire at the moment breathing down their necks with British Nationals champion, Gangnam Style and Stars Surprise.

LEADING awards

Club Junior 70cm – 1, Miss Rosie D, S Roper; 2, My Ballylynch Allison, M Aplin; 3, Celton Sandstorm, E Scott. British novice – 1, Fenella Fudge, A Black; 2, Aces Diamond Rio, C Fergusson; 3, Whos Bentho, S Greig. Intro 80cm – 1, Miss Rosie D; 2, Fantastic Mr Fox, J Leavey; 3, Kiltormer Curragh, R McCornick. Springboard 128cm/138cm – 1, AG Domino, C Rogan and Oakhurst In The Spotlight, C McGowan. Discovery – 1, Quantro III, A McCulloch; 2, Miami Chuckes, H Foster; 3, Dexters The Boss, E Holland. Intro 90cm – 1, Knix Unique Amethyst, E Woods; 2, Candy Twist, C Campbell; 3, Marshways Perfect Puzzle, A Mason. Newcomers – 1, Noahs Lady, A Lerham; 2, Mac Spirit, N Lockhead Anderson; 3, Double Trouble, C Hamilton. Rest rider 1m – 1, Taraco Emerald, C Hamilton; 2, Apache Joe, K Woods Young; 3, Third Pearl, P Archibald. 128/138cm – 1, Taty Desire, C Lockhead Anderson; 2, Noahs Lady; 3, Ravensdale Rossi, E McCornick. Foxhunter – 1, Little Red Cloud, N Lockhead Anderson; 2, RS Capello, M Morris; 3, Harradene Jade, E Woods. Rest rider 1.1m – 1, Castlebaldwin Golden Arrow, C Hamilton; 2, AG Dynamo, C Rogan; 3, Mac Spirit. BS Central junior ch/ship – 1, Castlebaldwin Golden Arrow; 2, Gangnam Style, N Lockhead Anderson; 3, Stars Surprise, N Lockhead Anderson.

85cm nat am – 1, Broomhill Freddie, F Hunt; 2, Molly XIII, P Bhatia; 3, Whiskey Girl, A Wiltshire. British novice – 1, Fifi Latina, C Mills; 2, Major Moonstone, P Bhatia; 3, Ballingowan Carrie, R MacPherson. 90cm – 1, Arland H, R Nichol; 2, Chiquella, N Brogan; 3, Harleys Revenge, R Aitken. 95cm nat am sec round – 1, Parkhill Legacy, L Rennie; 2, Goldie I, N Brown; 3, Bruntons Rising Star, I Stewart. Discovery – 1, New To The Job, R Nichol; 2, Ugolino JX, C Hamilton; 3, Ebony XI, T Nicholson. 1m open – 1, Swarovski Blue, A Diamond; 2, Calcourt Quattro, B Beveridge; 3, Antrim October, S Williamson. 1.05m nat am – 1, Drumeree, L Todd; 2, Tiffany, RA Clark; 3, HHS Eyes Only, R MacPherson. 1.05m – 1, Crocodile Rock, T Nicholson; 2, Baltimore Landzicht, C Hamilton; 3, Swarovski Blue, A Diamond. Newcomers – 1, Kengarth Miss Marple, L Stronach; 2, Linares BG,K Connor Baille; 3, MC Diamond, R Williamson. 1.10m open – 1, El Diviro, K Dunlop; 2, Dali IV, S Laird; 3, Attraction, KL McGregor. 1.1m nat am sec round – 1, Glow DK, L Stewart; 2, Parkhill Legacy ; 3, Cancun, L Stewart.

SWS Derby – 1.2m – 1, Drumconnick Verdi; 2, Woliena BB; 3, Queen Elisabeth. 1.1m – 1, Van De Bay Girl, G Taylor; 2, VIP Cooley, E Jamieson; 3, Elle Clover, K Boyd. 1m – 1, Merrlyns Mondena, S Muirhead; 2, Emiliano, E Geddes; 3, VLV Cummerland, J Beattie. 90cm – 1, My Hallo Jessie, N Devlin; 2, Halymyres Hanita, K Boyd; 3, Zak, C Dowling. 80cm – 1, Moll Mhor, S Scrimgeour; 2, Spring Dawn, V Walker; 3, Idnian Summer, S Dobson.