DO you own an airgun? Do you have a licence for it? If not, you have until October 31 to get one, or risk a fine, or even up to two years in prison!

Air gun owners are being reminded that they must apply for a firearms certificate before the October 31 deadline, to ensure that they can keep their weapons when the new laws come into force on December 31.
The new laws, introduced in the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015, will make it a criminal offence to have an air weapon without a licence or permit. The stated intention is that, by tightening access to air weapons, improvements will be seen in public safety and that gun crime will reduce.
Scotland’s cabinet secretary for justice, Michael Matheson, said: “I’d like to remind anyone who owns an air weapon, regardless of whether or not they use it, to apply to Police Scotland for a licence straight away.
“The October 31 deadline gives users enough time to get a certificate, or a permit in some circumstances, before the new rules are introduced. If you possess an air weapon and apply for a certificate by October 31, but the application has not been determined by December 31, you can continue to possess the weapon without holding a certificate. You cannot, however, use the air weapon, or purchase or acquire another until your application has been decided.
“We saw from Police Scotland’s surrender campaign that more than 11,500 people handed in their unwanted weapons to stations across the country, but there are still a large number of people who wish to keep their weapons who are still to apply.
“The new law is a means of ensuring people can use air weapons in a regulated way without compromising public safety, so if you know anybody who owns or possesses an air weapon, please remind them to apply for a licence.”
Juniper Green Air Rifle Club member, Chris Martin, believes that the new airgun laws are a good thing for the shooting industry: “I applied for an air gun licence when the application process first opened in July. I found the website helpful and the application process straight forward. There’s no reason for people who own an air gun to put off applying.
“To help keep people safe, I would encourage anyone who owns or uses an air weapon, or family and friends who know someone who has one, to apply for a licence.”

If I already hold a firearm or shot gun licence, you won’t require a new licence until your existing one is due for renewal, unless you want to purchase a new air weapon before that time.

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