SAYFC Alumni – friends of Young Farmers

Over the decades the Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ Clubs (SAYFC) has provided a social network with personal development opportunities for rural youth in Scotland. But what happens when you come to the end of your membership? How about joining the association’s alumni?
The fun doesn’t have to end, the get togethers and the connections with all the people you met on the YF journey can continue by joining the alumni.
‘Friends of Young Farmers’ brings past and current members closer together, and allows you to continue supporting young people thorough the Young Farmers network. You will have the opportunity to keep-in-touch with fellow ‘Young Farmers’ and hear about SAYFC’s news and events at a special drinks reception hosted annually at the Royal Highland Show. There are also regular newsletters and a special pin badge to signify your membership. 
In a recent meeting it was decided that there will be a sub committee that will look into organising outings and activites that will be organised for the alumni members. First suggestions include a visit to a gin farm, and a dinner that will be costed depending on the individual event.
The association is busy developing its services available to members with the view of increasing the number of rural youth who benefit from the organisation. For past members ‘Friends of Young Farmers’ is a great way to contribute and support this growth. The annual membership fee of £25 will be reinvested into SAYFC, helping sustain the future of the association.
Download the form from or phone 0131 333 2445 for a copy.