By Karen Carruth

A simple idea, perfectly executed. Sophie Scott has just, in the last few months, taken a few days from her working week to concentrate on producing lovely personalised paintings on commission. 
Beautifully simple images of treasured family tokens are painted giving an overall impression of a family, or of a special event, in a frame ready to hang in pride of place.
Sophie and her husband both left Scotland, Rhu and Loch Fyne respectively, to further their careers in the marine industry, they are both sailors, and after 10 years working hard, and with the birth of their first child, Sophie decided it was time to put the brakes on a little and find some time to concentrate on her art, which she loved while at school and university. 
Word of mouth has kick started this new venture, having put together a little drawing for a friend’s new baby, she was encouraged by friends and family to do more, and it has grown organically from there. 
Wellies seem to feature quite highly in her work at the moment, with a little family of wellies in a row, all named or perhaps a mixture of shoes, paw prints, boots, tractors, whatever it takes to make sure everyone in the home gets a mention. 
A lovely Christmas gift idea, and with a two week turnaround, there is plenty of time to order before Santa starts breathing down your neck.
Whatever floats your family boat, whether it be walking, surfing, sailing, cycling, golfing, or a mix of everything, there is an image that can sum them up beautifully. Sophie has also noticed quite a few tractors creeping into her work at the moment, she assumes that word of mouth has reached the farming fraternity.
Sophie has been working on some inspirational quotes written in a calligraphy style, which also makes a lovely framed photo. “At the moment it is very early days for my art work, so I am happy to go with anything that my customers request, I think that over time I will hone my style and what I want to concentrate on, but I’m delighted with the way things are going at the moment.”
Sophie’s work is available framed and shipped free from between £30-50. Look her up on Instagram or facebook, both under sophiescottdesigns, or you can contact her on email at: