• Today’s farm kitchen will be as modern as any throughout the land.  Convenience and ease of working both in the kitchen and with other housekeeping tasks will now be the norm.  

  • I’m sitting outside the treatment room at Neal’s Yard Remedies at Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow, with ten minutes to spare before a reflexology appointment I’ve been offered.

  • “WHAT KIND of bird...” my mother asked last Sunday, as we drank tea in the sitooterie, watching the to-ing and fro-ing from the bird feeders, “...is it that does the blue poos?”

  • The veg’ garden has certainly been through the wars. I was concerned that as the soil was so cold I would need to stimulate germination by putting a polycloche over the carrot seeds.

  • The Scottish Farmer staff have, this week been busy creating art – of a fashion – for the TSF annual competition, and this year, in order to give the non bakers a chance, we decided we were going down the vegetable animal route.

  • Kilbarchan Show is scheduled to take place next Saturday, June 27, but for the first time in the last 71 years, there will be a show stalwart missing from the industrial tent.

  • Imagine the scene, you are a farmer in the North East of Scotland, you are most likely to have been born in the farm you are standing in.  Outside you have cattle, sheep, crops growing in the fields - and now you have an unexpected knock at the door; it is October 1943.

  • Some time ago I wrote in The Farmer about the threat of seropositive, pox ridden, grey squirrels encroaching into southern Scotland.  
    Different types of grants were and still are available for trapping and that helps somewhat in keeping the deadly greys at bay.  

  • Nature is a funny business.  She has an unshakeable desire to win at all costs ... because she has to. 

  • After 33 years in the post, Mrs Daphne Smurthwaite, is retiring from the Northumberland County Show’s Competitive Home Crafts Committee.  
    This much loved section of the County Show was cancelled during the mid-seventies for several years, and only resurrected through the hard work of a small group of volunteers.