• Herbal medicine: it seems the more you learn, the more there is to know – just type ‘turmeric’ or ‘garlic’ into a search engine and see how much research has been done on the benefits of these commonplace ingredients.

  • Sitting in a cosy dining room eating crumbly scones, drinking tea, surrounded by snoring dogs and sneezy cats, the life of a smallholder paints quite an idyllic picture.

  • ONE DAY she could be climbing over fences while valuing a farm and the next, having meetings with rural lawyers in the city - but that is just the sort of diversity that makes Sian Robinson of Savills love her job.

  • This is a frustrating time in the gardening year. On the cusp between winter and spring and little sign of any colour.

  • If you are looking to give the most perfect gift to a special couple, then look no further than the ‘Perfect Present Company’, their sole purpose is to provide you with gift that says everything you want it to.

  • John Gittens is the first to admit he found retiring a problem. However, 20 years on, he seems to have found the solution.
    While working as a dentist in north Wales, he planned his time carefully so that he could get out and fulfil his passion as much as possible. 

  • ALEX YOUNG, is Still Game. A well-known auctioneer for 46 years, Alex, worked with various companies before spending the majority of his career with Lawrie and Symington.

  • It’s not the obvious choice for a diversification project, but to Graeme Jarron, of Hatton of Ogilvy Farm, near Glamis, making potato vodka from his home grown tatties makes perfect sense.

  • Few places in Scotland let you get up so close to some of our largest wild animals as Galloway Forest Park. Within literally a few footsteps from the car, you can enjoy watching some of the largest mammals in the country in a safe and almost entirely wild environment.