• Victoria Johnston, aged 12, from  Clogher, Co Tyrone, N Ireland, tells us a few of her top handling tips.

  • Seaweed! Wonderful soil conditioner for the garden and also makes a good tonic hair shampoo (if you have any) but to a fisherman, like myself, seaweed is a curse.

  • Crofters are a special breed of people, I’ve always thought. Hard working, inventive, and passionate about what they do.

  • Few days out can conjure up nostalgic memories like a cruise on the paddle steamer PS Waverley.  This ship is a sole relic of a bygone era of paddle steam cruising on the Clyde. 

  • Alexander (Sandy) McKirdy, 90, is Still Game.
     Living a few miles outside Rothesay on the Island of Bute, with his wife Eileen, Sandy has been a shepherd all his working days.

  • Two glorious weeks on Islay, The break was just the ticket,

    On return I view the garden, Which has now become a thicket
    Snail shells crunching underfoot, I begin to strim the lawn
    Wasps have chewed the raspberries, And all my strawbs have gone.

  • Having featured Aberfoyle-based milliner, Clare Workman some thirteen years ago at the start of her business venture, we think it only right to feature a proper goodbye at the end of her creative career.

  • As is so often the case when thinking back to how a business began, Linda Gardner, who runs “Strathearn Fleece and Fibre”,  can say that none of it was really planned. 

  • Spinners, knitters and weavers will flock to Argyll this summer for the West Coast's premier Gaelic wool festival.

  • Ten-year-old Emma Orr shares her trade secrets with The Scottish Farmer as she gets ready for another show season.