• The annual AgriScot event  was held this week, and the voice of the event, Jack Lawson, was collared for a chat by The SF at his home in Paisley, to take his long overdue turn at the Still Game questions.
    Now in his 35th year as dairy commentator at the old RHAS Winter Fair, DairyScot and latterly AgriScot, he is also in his 29th year as a commentator at the Royal Ulster Winter Fair.
    The son of a dairy farmer, Jack was head of the Scottish Milk Marketing Board Breeding services, as well as being the head of Cattle Livestock Services, and Secretary of the World Federation of Ayrshire Breed Societies, which took him all over the world.

  • Victoria Johnston, aged 12, from  Clogher, Co Tyrone, N Ireland, tells us a few of her top handling tips.

  • Seaweed! Wonderful soil conditioner for the garden and also makes a good tonic hair shampoo (if you have any) but to a fisherman, like myself, seaweed is a curse.

  • Crofters are a special breed of people, I’ve always thought. Hard working, inventive, and passionate about what they do.

  • Few days out can conjure up nostalgic memories like a cruise on the paddle steamer PS Waverley.  This ship is a sole relic of a bygone era of paddle steam cruising on the Clyde. 

  • Alexander (Sandy) McKirdy, 90, is Still Game.
     Living a few miles outside Rothesay on the Island of Bute, with his wife Eileen, Sandy has been a shepherd all his working days.

  • Two glorious weeks on Islay, The break was just the ticket,

    On return I view the garden, Which has now become a thicket
    Snail shells crunching underfoot, I begin to strim the lawn
    Wasps have chewed the raspberries, And all my strawbs have gone.

  • Having featured Aberfoyle-based milliner, Clare Workman some thirteen years ago at the start of her business venture, we think it only right to feature a proper goodbye at the end of her creative career.

  • As is so often the case when thinking back to how a business began, Linda Gardner, who runs “Strathearn Fleece and Fibre”,  can say that none of it was really planned. 

  • Spinners, knitters and weavers will flock to Argyll this summer for the West Coast's premier Gaelic wool festival.