• Being offered the chance to go to one of Scotland’s finest stately homes to take part in a clay shoot was not an opportunity to be missed.
    As shooting becomes a more popular pastime for ladies, whether it is on the back of Team GBs success at the Olympics, or whether ladies have realised that shooting is not just for tweed clad Americans visiting the home of their ancestors.
    Whatever has prompted the upturn in popularity, when you get the gun in your hand and take aim, the only word for the mood of the day is addictive.

  • Ronnie Wilkie, 70, of Tillyboy, near Echt in Aberdeenshire, has spent his life breeding pedigree Suffolk sheep, and now farms mixed breeding sheep and cattle – now with a passion for racehorses thrown in.
    Known for communicating in the Doric dialect, he has been farming since 1963 and is now is in the early stages of starting a new Suffolk flock – his foundation ewe is already in residence.
    Ronnie is famed for his sheep dressing skills and has been teaching youngsters for many years his tricks of the trade.

  • There is no more thoughtful a gift than something that is unique and personal.

  • The IMAGE of a walled garden is of an environment that shelters and supports plants, but Gardening Leave, a charity which works with veteran service men and women, uses the security of a walled garden to support the people working in the garden.

  • Most farmers can claim to be handy men, such is the vast range of skills that you must be able to turn your hand to.

  • A sport loving friend of mine recently remarked that gardening and football had a lot in common.

  • Without doubt, most Scottish farmers have thought of ways to try to generate income outwith their mainstream agricultural activity.

  • It can be increasingly difficult to turn a good profit in farming and this has led many farmers to diversify.