• HELL, it has been suggested, is an eternity locked in a room with your closest friends.

  • Few sights can be more fascinating in falconry than watching a giant vulture as it glides effortlessly in a public display. 

  • The buttered pancake is so fresh that the butter is slowing melting over the side. The tea cosy is on the tea-pot and the sugar dish and milk jug is arranged perfectly on a tray. Teacup is on the saucer and there is an extra plate of biscuits ... just in case.

  • When I think of a log home, I imagine something that has been built lovingly by hand, each log having been carved to fit snugly, the wonderful pine, woody, smell to linger for years upon entry and to be surrounded by cosiness throughout our winter weather.

  • What a lovely idea. You can create your own wedding stationary on seeded paper that can then be easily planted to create a display of wildflowers.

  • By Alison Mann

    From a high flying career in the Army to creating intricate wedding cakes, Sheila Jones is now enjoying a very different lifestyle by following her passion for baking and cake decorating.

  • By Karen Carruth
    It is easy to take the familiar for granted, and the staff at Ingliston House, The Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland’s HQ, at Royal Highland Centre, have found themselves appreciating their extensive artwork collection with fresh eyes.

  • Richard Davidson, aged 12, from Keith, in Banffshire, shares his handling secrets.

  • By Linda Mellor

    The SCOTTISH deer centre (SDC) is on the A91 a couple of miles outside Cupar, Fife and is home to over 170 animals. The 55-acre centre is run by nine staff and managed by Simon Louden.
    The centre was originally opened in 1986 to produce venison but was purchased by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill in 1997 and turned into visitor attraction. 

  • By Karen Carruth

    This is not a subject that we like to discuss, but there is nothing surer, that during your lifetime you will have to deal with the death of a loved one and, therefore, it is comforting to know that there is professional help available should you need it.