• ALEX YOUNG, is Still Game. A well-known auctioneer for 46 years, Alex, worked with various companies before spending the majority of his career with Lawrie and Symington.

  • It’s not the obvious choice for a diversification project, but to Graeme Jarron, of Hatton of Ogilvy Farm, near Glamis, making potato vodka from his home grown tatties makes perfect sense.

  • Few places in Scotland let you get up so close to some of our largest wild animals as Galloway Forest Park. Within literally a few footsteps from the car, you can enjoy watching some of the largest mammals in the country in a safe and almost entirely wild environment.

  • In the spotlight with... Kevin Harvie

    Kevin Harvie from Glasgow has a passion for the humble sweet potato, a passion he wants to share and, in turn, convert 1% of the UK’s white potato crisp eaters who currently consume approximately 6bn packets each year, to Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps.
    I recently caught up with Kevin to find out why he left the world of accountancy and what’s next for his exciting idea.

  • And so Scotland has its first woman First Minister. It’s no big deal. Or is it?  
    Actually, I think it is, only you can’t make a thing out of it because she got the job as a result of being the best candidate and nothing to do with her gender. 

  • THE RAIN is hurtling at my face in icy pellets, the wind almost blows me clean off my feet as I anchor them into the boggy land – it’s certainly not the best weather to be spending an afternoon in the Cairngorm mountains.

  • If you are still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your dearly beloved, here is a suggestion that will put your brownie points through the roof. Terri Campbell, has recently graduated with a degree in jewellery and silversmithing, and her work is proving popular both online and through the various retailers she sells through.

  • BEING perfectly honest with you, I’ve never been a fan of risotto and so when lifestyle editor Mrs C asked me to go to a risotto masterclass it’s probably fair to say I wasn’t exactly jumping with enthusiasm.

  • The annual AgriScot event  was held this week, and the voice of the event, Jack Lawson, was collared for a chat by The SF at his home in Paisley, to take his long overdue turn at the Still Game questions.
    Now in his 35th year as dairy commentator at the old RHAS Winter Fair, DairyScot and latterly AgriScot, he is also in his 29th year as a commentator at the Royal Ulster Winter Fair.
    The son of a dairy farmer, Jack was head of the Scottish Milk Marketing Board Breeding services, as well as being the head of Cattle Livestock Services, and Secretary of the World Federation of Ayrshire Breed Societies, which took him all over the world.

  • Victoria Johnston, aged 12, from  Clogher, Co Tyrone, N Ireland, tells us a few of her top handling tips.