Alex Eccles, formerly of High Pinmore Farm, at Maybole, has built a scaled down box cart which will be auctioned at Ayr Auction Mart after their Christmas show and sale on Tuesday, December 6, with all proceeds going to Alzheimers Scotland.

Alex, now of Alloway, has used his spare time, now that he has retired from farming full time, says: "It is around twice the size of a dung barra! I'm good at making things, but not very good at selling them, I usually end up giving them away."

He also makes walking sticks, which he shows during the summer, but this project has taken a lot of his time, and his attention to detail has come from his love of history. He even managed to source metal trims which bind to the wooden wheels, just like the original carts had.

Alec has offered any potential buyers the chance to view the cart at his home before they bid, if they wish, and he hopes to raise around £200, as the materials cost him around £100. He has spent many hours building the cart, making sure it is fully weatherproof and will last for many years.

The cart can be taken home on the day, or Alec will deliver within reason.

Tel. 07902278053