RHET Clyde recently held an AGM dinner at The Oven, at Overton Farm in the Clyde Valley by kind permission of the Young Family.

During the evening RHET Clyde received a donation of £11,000 from the closure of the local Lanarkshire Farmer Markets group. This was welcomed by the local RHET chairman Archie Ballantyne who said: “RHET has constantly promoted farmers’ markets throughout the years, holding them in schools and promoting them through talks by farmers. This kind donation will help to ensure as many children as possible can take part in a farm visit and learn more about where their food comes from. We provide the next generation of consumers with a great opportunity to learn more about how our food reaches the public.”

The cheque was presented to Mr Ballantyne from representatives of the Lanarkshire Farmers Market, John Young and Alex Allison.

The local volunteers gathering for dinner were then updated by RHET’s national Education Manager, Katrina Barclay, who gave an update on future developments for RHET.