Arbikie honours Father with new Gin

‘Field-to-Bottle’ specialist distillers and farmers, Arbikie launched their latest gin to honour their father, Alexander Kirkwood Stirling, the father of Arbikie owners Iain, John and David.

‘AK’S Gin’ is distilled using local honey and wheat farmed at Arbikie along with black pepper, mace and cardamom. As farmers, the Stirlings are very aware of the importance bees play in pollinating crops with recent figures suggesting they are worth £1.8 billion to the UK agriculture industry each year. Arbikie were delighted to work with Colin Smith a leading beekeeper and secretary of the East of Scotland Beekeepers' Association. With wild bees under threat Arbikie are installing it’s own hives to produce the required honey as well as pollinating the surrounding land. Coupled with growing it’s own Juniper, Arbikie places sustainability at the heart of their business.

Arbikie was keen to launch their tribute to their farming father when one of the world’s most famous farmer’s sons, Rabbie Burns is celebrated across the globe. AK Stirling has been an inspiration to the Arbikie brothers in creating the next chapter of the Arbikie story and their gin marks a fitting tribute to their father and the family’s farming roots.

Director John Stirling commented:

Our Dad is an inspiration to us and we wanted to create a gin that reflected his character and our family’s farming roots. He’s farmed all his life and is proud that we are distilling using our family’s own crops and is keen that we share that unique provenance with our Arbikie customers on-going.”

Arbikie has a growing reputation for innovation and field-to-bottle provenance as they grow their ingredients on their estate to ensure traceability. The Viscount variety of wheat used in AK’s comes from the Deils Knapp field, which you can see from the distillery.

Distillery Manager Christian Perez commented:

“We chose our Viscount variety of wheat because it gave us a beautiful, buttery character. Coupled with our fresh honey, ‘AK’s Gin’ is incredibly smooth lending itself to a great gin and tonic and an amazing base spirit for cocktails.”

Notes to Editors:

With a certain buttery quality thanks to its wheat base spirit, this gin is a beautiful tribute to the owner’s father Alex Stirling. His favourite food – honey – lends the gin its characteristic sweetness, while the botanical blend gives it the weight of liquorice & a woody character as the essential oils come alive on your palate.

Arbikie created the first Scottish Potato Vodka, then launched ‘Kirsty’s Gin’ using locally-foraged botanicals followed by their ‘Chilli Vodka’ distilled using fresh chillies & most recently their ‘Strawberry Vodka’ using farm strawberries.

Perfect Serves:

Arbikie by the Fire (served warm)

50ml AK’s Gin, 100ml water,?4 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, lemon peel, orange peel 1cm piece of sliced ginger, 5ml lemon juice?1 tbsp honey.

AK’s G&T

50 ML AK’s Gin, A premium tonic, garnished with an orange twist and thyme

AK’s Greyhound

50ml AK’s Gin?10ml lemon juice?10ml agave syrup?75ml grapefruit juice dash orange bitters (optional) and 50ml Soda.

Arbikie is the world’s first single estate distillery producing Vodka, Gin & Whisky using ingredients grown on the 2000 acre estate on Scotland’s east coast. Arbikie grow, harvest, distil from scratch, mature and bottle all on the one location.