A heartfelt film based on a dairy farm in Somerset will be released in cinemas nationwide on May 12.

Titled ‘The levelling’ the film is a family drama about coping with loss, destruction of a livelihood and ultimately facing the future from a place of darkness.

It is set on a Somerset Farm during the aftermath of the 2014 floods, and features Ellie Kendrick as Clover, the daughter of a dairy farmer; Aubrey, played by David Troughton, who returns to the family farm after the sudden death of her brother.

The film puts you through a wringer of emotion as Clover faces up to her rocky and emotional relationship with her father who refuses to believe what happened to his son and the current state of the farm, pushing his daughter away for a second time.

The film is shot from Clover’s perspective as she tries to piece together the truth about what happened to her brother and struggles to find a relationship with her father that was broken many years ago.

It is an impressive debut from award-winning director, Hope Dickson Leach. With a breakout performance from rising star Ellie Kendrick (Game of Thrones, Misfits) as the young Clover and strong performances from David Troughton (Grantchester, ChickLit) and newcomer, Jack Holden, in supporting roles, this is a heartfelt British drama that explores themes of recession, bereavement, family conflict and reconciliation.

The film will open at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh and the Glasgow Film Theatre. It will also play at Shetland film festival at the end of August. More theatres will be confirmed over the coming weeks, check the website for updated information www.thelevelling-film.com