Have you ever wondered what treasures lie under your land? Who knows, you could be sitting on top of a fortune – unlikely, but you never know.

The Scottish Artefact Recovery Group (SARG), an affiliated metal detecting club based in Bonnybridge, has been helping local farmers and land owners unearth all sorts of metal items, and in the process raise funds for the farmer’s named charities or good causes, raising more than £2000 in the past 18 months.

The club is now looking for permission to carry out a detection day on farmland anywhere in the Central Belt.

The club has a ‘no mess’ policy. They pop out to see your land first to see if it is suitable, then they organise everything else.

In the process, they raise funds for good causes, by taking a donation from each of the members who turn up and giving it to whatever cause the farmer suggests.

Lesley Sleith, from the club, said: “We can’t thank the farming community enough in the Stirling and Fife areas for their continued support given to the club over the years, which has not only been beneficial for charitable organisations but for Scotland in general with important lost artefacts discovered and now on show in museums all over Scotland.”

Lesley added: “Recent events earlier this year saw the club actively involved in helping New Life Charity which is a charity for disabled children helping fund badly needed equipment.

“In February, the club held a special charity event near Airth, to raise money for a young man called Darren Anderson, from Falkirk, who suffers from cerebral palsy and raised £371 on the day.

“Newlife Charity like all other organisations need help continuously and we would like your help to keep this vital work moving forward, so please, if you have land available for a day we would love to hear from you and join us, you and your family are more than welcome to help a good cause.”

The club also offers a free recovery service for lost metal objects or metal objects you want removed from your field before taking machinery onto it eg, horse shoes, nails, keys etc.

n If you have land available, please contact Lesley at sargclub@hotmail.co.uk