• Haggis doesn’t have the best reputation, not even in Scotland.  To find out just how much – or how little – haggis’ popularity has wavered over the years, Sykes Cottages, a UK-based holiday lettings agency, commissioned a YouGov survey asking how likely people would be to try this time-honoured Scotch staple.
    The survey found that almost two thirds of respondents wouldn’t try a haggis dish if they saw it on a menu in a restaurant. What? Why?

  • By Helen Cross

    People largely associate salads with diets and lettuce leaves. This doesn’t have to be the case, although, yes, they can be full of goodness and that’s no bad thing.

  • Pancakes are very easy to make and taste great.

  • What could be more tempting with a cup of tea, than freshly made fruit tea loaf.  Helen Wilson has supplied this easy recipe.

  • SCOTTISH BUTCHERS are gearing up for a busy bank holiday barbecue weekend – despite weather forecasts ranging from sunshine to snow!

  • Susan Brown, Boyach Farm, Isle of Whithorn, contacted The Scottish Farmer to say that she missed the reader's recipes that we used to feature.

  • Recently on Landward, Nick Nairn demonstrated how to make the most of leftover turkey meat.

  • Every year at this time, we have the usual shot lettuce standing three foot tall, courgettes needing eaten and a row of onions that are practically getting up and walking off the soil themselves.

  • A fresh, and free soup that can be made from any nettles you find in your garden - remember to wear your gloves when picking them!!