• Although lean and low in fat, there is no denying venison is packed full of flavour. Cooked slowly it makes for a great casserole the whole family can enjoy. Seriously Good Venison, who pride themselves on delivering delicious free range venison from the heart of Scotland to your door, have shared this warming venison casserole recipe with us.

  • A little of what you fancy does you good. Bear that in mind if you're still feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the guilt-inducing dietary advice which has stalked us since the end of our joyous Christmas feasting. Or gluttony.

  • Ah, the ubiquitous tattie scone – some like ‘em hot, some like ‘em cold. Well, they’re maybe not just so common these days, but I’m sure still frequently enjoyed as a staple of the big breakfast fry-up. Summer and winter they hold their own, writes Lilias Mac.

  • FANCY TRYING your hand at oor Kenny Fletcher's signature dish?

  • Try this delicious recipe for Riso Gallo risotto with mixed mushrooms.

  • A warm potato salad, using Greek Yoghurt instead of full fat mayo!

  • by Helen Cross

  • Haggis doesn’t have the best reputation, not even in Scotland.  To find out just how much – or how little – haggis’ popularity has wavered over the years, Sykes Cottages, (www.sykescottages.co.uk) a UK-based holiday lettings agency, commissioned a YouGov survey asking how likely people would be to try this time-honoured Scotch staple.
    The survey found that almost two thirds of respondents wouldn’t try a haggis dish if they saw it on a menu in a restaurant. What? Why?

  • By Helen Cross

    People largely associate salads with diets and lettuce leaves. This doesn’t have to be the case, although, yes, they can be full of goodness and that’s no bad thing.

  • Pancakes are very easy to make and taste great.