Dairy Spares’ new colostrum-feeding kit, the Trusti Tuber, has been re-designed to make it easier to use. 
That includes a finger hook to help the operator maintain the position of the tube in the calf’s mouth and gallon markers in addition to the litre markers on the bottle.
Developed by a farm vet in New Zealand, the Trusti Tuber ensures tubing is safer, easier and more comfortable for the calf, with less stress for both calf and farmer. 
A starter kit consists of a mouthpiece which sits comfortably against the calf’s muzzle, a soft flexible tube is then passed through the mouthpiece, its flexibility making it easy for the calf to swallow it down. This swallowing action directs the tube over the airway and safely into the oesophagus. 
The length of the tube can be altered to ensure correct placement and positioning of the tip end and the operator can hold the mouthpiece and tube easily in the calf’s mouth using one hand, with the new finger hook offering extra security. With the other hand, the four-litre milk bottle can be raised to allow the colostrum, or electrolytes, to flow down the tube and safely into the calf’s stomach.
There's a clip on the side of the bottle to attach the mouthpiece and keep it off the floor, and the transparency of the tube allows better cleaning. 
A starter kit retails at £55, plus VAT.