BEEF producers are gearing up for the next round of bull sales held at Borderway Mart, Carlisle, as Harrison and Hetherington’s multi-breed May sales will feature more than 1000 pedigree beef cattle which will be up for grabs over the next few weeks. 
With no fewer than 12 breed club show and sales to be staged throughout April and May, today (Friday, April 21), the Simmental breed will kick off the proceedings with an entry of 37 bulls and 51 females, including a major reduction sale from Brian Lundy’s Caistor herd, Lincolnshire. 
Two weeks later, a sale of 200 Limousin females will be sold on the evening of Friday, May 5, before the sale of 220 bulls on Saturday, May 6. 
Charolais females will commence on Friday, May 12, with 130 bulls sold on Saturday, May 13, including a sale from the Thrunton herd, while British Blues and Belted and White Galloways will go under the hammer on Saturday, May 20. 
Rounding off the month on Friday, May 12, will be the sale of Aberdeen-Angus and Beef Shorthorns, followed by a smaller sale of South Devon, Lincoln Red, Saler and Hereford cattle. 
One to look out for at the Angus sale, on May 12, will be the dispersal of the autumn-calving portion of the Massie family’s Blelack herd, from Dinnet, Aberdeenshire.

Look out for our features on Charolais and British Blue consignors in our issue of May 6.


Simmental – Friday, May 21
98 head, comprising 37 bulls and 51 females, featuring the leading ladies and reduction sale from the Caistor herd.
Judging – 9.00am
Sale – 12-noon
Judge – Zara Clarke, Tynan, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland

Limousin – Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6
420 head, comprising 220 bulls and 200 females
Judging of all classes – Friday, May 5, 9.00am, with sale of females at 2.30pm
Sale of bulls – Saturday, May 6, at 10.30am
Judge – Douglas Graham, Burnbank herd, Blairdrummond, Stirling.

Charolais – Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13
181 head, comprising 130 bulls and 51 females, including a sale from the Thrunton herd.
Judging of all classes – 1pm.
Sale – Saturday, May 14, at 10.30am.
Judge – Miss Jane Haw, Balbithan herd, Dorchester, Dorset.

Blondes – Saturday, May 13
27 head, comprising 20 bulls and 7 females
Judging – 10.00am
Sale – 12-noon
Judge – Desmond Greene, Scaughmolin herd, Co Wexford, Ireland.
British Blues – Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20
150 head, comprising 100 bulls and 50 females, also embryos and semen
Judging – Friday, May 19, at 1.00pm
Sale – Saturday, May 20, at 10.30am
Judge – Andrew Anderson, Smallburn herd, Elgin, Moray

Belted Galloways – Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20
62 head, comprising 7 bulls, 30 females, also 25 commercials
Judging – 10.30am
Sale – 12.30pm
Judge – Harriet Bunning

Aberdeen-Angus – Friday, May 26
95 head, comprising 90 bulls and 25 females
Judging – 8.30am.  
Sale – 11.30am
Judge – Ian Watson, Kersquarter herd, Kelso, Roxburghshire.

Beef Shorthorn – Friday, May 26
75 head, comprising 15 bulls and 60 females, includes the autumn-calving portion of the Blelack herd and a draft sale from Fieldhouse herd.
Judging – 11.00am    
Sale – 12-noon
Judge – Mary Reynolds, Borden, Hampshire.

Also selling on Friday, 26 May are Hereford, Lincoln Red, Salers and South Devon cattle.