A NEW range of mobile sheep handling equipment has been launched by specialist company, Rappa. 
Designed to offer systems for every size of flock, they should prove especially useful in the run up to lambing.
“Our new range was prompted by the need to gain Type Approval status for all UK trailers,” said Rappa’s managing director, James Ridley. “This proved to be the catalyst for the review of our existing mobile yard systems. 
"The results have been the biggest change for us in more than 10 years, with a complete overhaul of all our manufacturing and mobile handling products.”
The five new mobile handling systems – from the eight-gate lightweight buggy for flocks of up to 70 sheep, to the Series 12 Super, a large-capacity braked mobile ‘yard’ for flocks of more than 500 – is the result of over three years of research and development at Rappa’s Hampshire head office.
As well as introducing the new Series 8 Buggy and Series 12 Super, Rappa has revamped its three mid-range systems – the Series 10 Compact, Standard and Super. 
All now have a new winch bridge position and drawbar design and an increased hurdle capacity, as well as complying with the new Type Approval standards.