A NEW folding version of its 3m V-profile front press was launched at the Highland by He-Va machinery importer, Opico, this week.

This split-folding front press makes it more manoeuvrable on narrow rural roads, producing a 2.13m transport width.

But, like the rigid 3m model and larger folding models, the press is available with either a 600mm or 700mm castellated pressed steel V-profile ring for optimal consolidation, with its sharp rib to maximising clod crushing.

Spacing can be 125 mm (600mm rings) and 156mm (700mm rings), with a scraper between each ring for full width work on light or heavy land.

While the rings can turn individually, they are linked by a series of lugs that ensure they all drive together, ensuring the machine will not be phased even by the wettest conditions.

An optional shattaboard, hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat, increases the cultivation action and allows it to level, crush and consolidate in one pass ahead of the drill.

Its headstock is designed to take the the full force exerted, even with the shattaboard option.

It retails at £5097 for the 600mm version and £5978 for the 700mm version.