Swath merging but without the need for a conditioning mower, is one of the latest developments from Pöttinger.

It said that its new cross conveyor auger merges the swaths immediately after mowing and the new Cross Flow system will be available for use with its Novacat 352 and A10 mowers.

The Cross Flow's closed design prevents forage losses, pointed out Pöttinger experts, who added that this system can offer a cost-effective alternative to trailed mowers and in the right conditions, means that swathing is no longer necessary, though an additional swathing pass can mean that four rows are gathered from a 13m spread.

The drive for the system comes from the outer mower disc, a second gearbox on the outside, with three V-belts and a double universal joint. A unique diagonally arranged auger, with increasing pitch windings, enables large volumes of forage to be conveyed.