• SCOTTISH FARMERS who made the trek south to Peterborough for the LAMMA show were presented with new options for dispensing straw into cattle yards.

  • ONE OF the main features of the Massey Ferguson stand at LAMMA 2015 was the first sight that UK farmers will have of the new 'Global' tractors.

  • SEVERAL NEW machines from Wessex International were at LAMMA, with new tractor mounted hedge cutters to the fore.

  • SLURRY handling specialist, Storth Machinery, launched a range of umbilical spreading equipment at LAMMA, including new reel systems.

  • THE NEW Väderstad Opus (pictured) was one of three Vaderstad machines making their UK debut at the event.



  • THE LONE contender from China in the UK pick-up market has been given a serious makeover for this year, which includes the use of better quality materials and higher specification.

  • THERE'S ONE thing for sure about VW's Amarok pick-up - it is one big monster and, by my reckoning, the more vertically challenged amongst us will almost require a mounting block just to get into the saddle!

  • IT MIGHT not be the most appealing vehicle on the road, but with the Skoda Yeti, beauty is more than skin deep.

  • THE ENTRY level sector of the car market is, perhaps the most competitive of all and there's a plethora of wee beasts out there which will give you road tax free motoring, miniscule fuel costs, and, for younger drivers, reduced insurance premiums - which is a huge consideration these days.

  • DESPITE A mild winter thus far, the 4x4s market has remained remarkably buoyant, according to Manheim, the world's largest vehicle remarketing organisation.



  • NEW HOLLAND is upping the ante in providing state-of-the-art guidance systems with its drive to equip dealers with the necessary technology.

  • CLAAS HAS introduced a new automatic steering system, GPS Pilot Flex, which can be quickly and easily transferred between different machines.

  • A NEW study has demonstrated the effectiveness of Michelin's Improved Flexion (IF) tyres at reducing soil compaction compared to a set of tread tracks.

  • WHEN FARMS set out to address a shortage of slurry storage capacity, minimising the volume of 'dirty' liquid generated by the daily routine is a good place to start.

  • A NEW research centre dedicated to bringing 'smart' agricultural machinery into wider and more productive use in UK has been opened at Harper Adams University College, Shropshire.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

  • ORGANISERS are expecting 40,000 visitors to attend this year's LAMMA Show, which is now firmly established as the UK's largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services event.

  • WITH what is calls its new global tractor platform, Massey Ferguson recently held its 'Vision of the Future' event in Beauvais, France, to showcase the project - and old school tractor drivers will feel very much at home with its simple design ethic.

  • SEVERAL NEW - some of them unique - features have been included in the design of JCB's most serious stab yet at cornering a slice of the action in the competitive 150-250hp sector.

  • WITH ITS plans almost in place to launch a serious bid to be a full-line farm machinery manufacturer, a lot hinges on how Kubota's new headliner tractors, the M7 series, is received by the market.

  • THE HEAVY duty capacity of Schäffer loaders' flagship 9510T and 9530T telescopic wheel loaders, is being more than retained in their replacement eight-tonne, 9600 series, which was seen at the Highland for the first time.

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