AN unexpected addition has arrived at Lyonston, Maybole, in the shape of a zebra, this week, after a bit of a mix up.

The Scottish Farmer:

Poppy's markings are mesmerising

Poppy the zebra, who will be kept, as a pet, and taken care of by Sally Kennedy and Rebecca Mccluskie - who lives at Lyonston with her boyfriend, and son of Sally and Jim, Wallace - arrived after a case of mistaken identity.

Jim Kennedy was left a voicemail by the owner of the zebra, who had mistakenly saved his number under the name of another Jim. But, being the quick guy that Jim is, he decided to chance his arm and asked if he could take it - and the owner was happy for him to do so.

The Scottish Farmer:

Comfortable already!

After Jim made a trip up to the Black Isle to pick her up, Poppy was brought to Lyonston, and has settled in quite well.

Ms McCluskie said: "Poppy is stunning.

"She is so curious and is taking in all of her surroundings, she is just lovely!"

We will be sure you keep you updated of any more additions to the Lyonston Menagerie!