STEAK IS the most popular choice of dish on Valentine's Day, according to Quality Meat Scotland.

With that in mind, butchers who are members of the Scotch Butchers Club, which is run by QMS, are preparing to advise customers on the best cuts and serves in preparation for a successful Valentine's Day dinner.

A new booklet, titled Simple Steaks, has also been launched in order to help meat lovers find some inspiration to make a tasty dish.

Butcher Frank Yorke, said: “Say what you will about oysters and chocolates, there's no better way to someone’s heart than a succulent Scotch Beef steak. It’s the perfect home-cooked meal to delight that special someone with.

“We are always asked for recipe ideas and I know from feedback that my suggestions have definitely worked a treat for a couple of our customers!”

QMS marketing executive Graeme Sharp said: “You simply can’t beat a Scotch Beef PGI steak for quality and taste on Valentine’s day. Coupled with a sumptuous sauce and a good bottle of wine, it is sure to impress that special person.

“Whether you’re a cooking connoisseur or a complete beginner, the Simply Steaks booklet offers a range of hearty recipes with plenty of handy hints and tips to ensure your night is a sizzling success.”

QMS has also developed a Steaks and Roasts app, which is free to download, and includes tips to help make a well-cooked steak.

A selection of recipes, and information about Scotch Beef, can also be found at, and your nearest Scotch Butchers Club member can be found here: