DESCRIBED AS an ‘invaluable resource’ amid Brexit uncertainty, the 38th edition of the Farm Management Handbook is now available.

After almost four decades of keeping the agricultural industry up to date with the latest data on crops, livestock and finances, the latest edition of the Farm Management Handbook is available as both a free online download, and as a printed copy to keep in the farm office or tractor.

The free online version, produced with support from the Scottish Government and the European Union as part of the SRDP Farm Advisory Service, is intended to widen access to its contents at a time when uncertainty around Brexit is rife.

Produced by SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College, the 38th edition of the book contains additional information, on grassland and forage costs, land tenure and land reform, new entrants and diversification.

SAC Consulting has also added a new section for crofters and small farmers to provide enterprise margins and business information tailored to their needs. Given recent changes in the details of rural aid and renewable energy schemes, updated guidance has also been provided.

SAC consulting's Julian Bell said: “As no other industry is controlled, supported and regulated more heavily by EU regulations and institutions, agriculture is widely held to be the sector most affected by Brexit.

“The future for agricultural markets and support has scarcely been less certain in the past half century or more, meaning it is more important than ever for farmers and managers to be able to understand the state of their current business as well as the opportunities for change and restructuring open to them," said Mr Bell.

“The Farm Management Handbook, both online and in print, is an invaluable resource to help with the forward planning of enterprise mix, budgets, business structures and cash flows.”

To download a copy of the 2017-18 Farm Management Handbook, go to To order a print edition (£25 plus postage and packaging), visit or call the Rural Business Unit on 0131 603 7525.