IN AN attempt to eradicate bovine TB in Northern Ireland, the province's Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs is looking to appoint seven members to a new industry body, the Tuberculosis Eradication Partnership.

TBEP is to be in effect from April 1, 2018 and is to be comprised of a chairperson, representatives of the Northern Ireland farming community, processing sector and nature conservation bodies, as well as a veterinarian and a person with an appropriate scientific background relevant to bovine TB.

NI's Chief Veterinary Officer Robert Huey explained the remit of the new body: “The TBEP will be a DAERA sponsored Expert Advisory Body. Given the range of positions to be filled and the need to achieve a balance of skills and backgrounds represented on the new partnership, the Department has identified a need for members with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences relevant to driving forward the eradication of bovine TB in NI.”

DAERA are appealing for a pool of candidates which reflect the diversity of the NI communities and in particular encourage applications from women, as they are currently under-represented on public bodies.