Jack Rennie was highly respected not only by the local farming and business community but throughout the UK and beyond.

He had a huge influence in modernising his beloved Ayrshire cattle breed, not only with his personal triumphs but for many years as a Society Council member and a great leader when he was President in 1975/76 and later Honorary President until his passing.

His breeding influence was not only in the UK but throughout the world, via live cattle and semen exports, the Pant and Brocklehill bloodlines had and still do have a huge influence in countries such as Kenya, where Ayrshires are now hitting the three million mark, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Jack was always good at picking memorable names for his bulls such as Wizard, Old Glory, Outlaw, Blue Lagoon, Happy Spirit, Harvest Gold, Magic Touch to name but a few, but in the female lines he was well ahead of his time with the successful Madonna family. He was often asked to name his favourite cow, but he never answered, saying he would keep that 'Treasure' to himself.

Among his many memorable achievements were winning champion and reserve at the London dairy show in 1969, Brocklehill winning the prestigious Gold Cup for the best dairy farm in the UK in 1973, and being given the Sir Wm. Young Award in 2006 for his outstanding contribution to cattle breeding in the UK.

Travel was one of Jack's favourite past times, taking him around the world, to Finland, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and even Brazil, where the Ayrshires he took out made record prices.

Jack was also famous for his sense of humour, and was a man who dearly loved all his family. One of the outstanding cattle breeders of his time and a true gentleman, he was highly respected by all in the cattle world, and his legacy will live on.