A STRONG show of 43 Young Farmers’ cattle were forward at the Angus Tayside overwintering competition held at Lawrie and Symington’s Forfar mart, where the champion ticket went to Forfar JAC’s Andrew Beattie.

Securing a win for Andrew was a 465kg, Limousin cross heifer tapped out by judge, Steven Smith of The Byre, Sunnyhill Croft, Turriff. Bred at the Beatties’ farm, Tullywhanland, and bought in November for £780, she was knocked down to David Peters, West Bog, Kirriemuir, for £1460.

Robbie Wills, a fellow Forfar member, picked up the reserve ticket with a Limmy cross heifer bought from Meikle Coull for £890. Scaling 500kg on the day, she was also snapped up by Mr Peters, this time for £1450. 

Topping the trade within the section, however, was Forfar JAC’s Daniel Fleming when he sold his 490kg heifer for £1600, achieving the best gross margin in the competition. 

Overall, Young Famers’ calves saw the 30 bullocks cash in to average 227p per kg or £1061.19 with the 15 heifers at 251p or £1226.67.

LEADING awards:

Haltered bullocks – 400-450kg purchase weight – 1, Drew Speed, Brechin YFC, 635kg, £1310; 2, Glenn Jackson, Brechin YFC, 585kg, £1240; 3, Andrew Beattie Forfar YFC £580, £1210. 370-400kg – 1, Callum Lawrie, Brechin YFC, 555kg, £1270; 2, Callum Lawrie, 580kg, £1260; 3, Andrew Neill, Brechin YFC, 535kg, £1200. 330-370kg – 1, Drew Speed, Brechin YFC, 575kg, £1360; 2, Lyndsay Nelson Brechin YFC, 525kg, £1290; 3, Stewart Lawrie, Brechin YFC, 520kg, £1240. 260-320kg – 1, Beth Dandie, Forfar JAC, 495kg, £1140; 2, James Baillie Brechin YFC, 485kg, £1180; 3, Dean Farquharson, Forfar JAC, 500kg, £1110.

Unhaltered bullocks – 375-440kg – 1, Matthew Steel, Forfar JAC, 560kg, £1330; 2, Andrew Neill, Brechin YFC, 615kg, £1330; 3, Fraser McEwan, Brechin YFC, 560kg, £1290. 305-340kg – 1, Charlotte Cooper, Forfar JAC, 560kg, £1250; 2, Beth Watson, Brechin YFC, 465kg, £1040; 3, Peter Richardson, Forfar YFC, 445kg, £1080. 

Haltered heifers – 360-425kg – 1, James Baillie, Brechin YFC, 595kg, £1250; 2, Jodie Jackson, Brechin YFC, 440kg, £1100. 315-340kg – 1 and champion, Andrew Beattie, Forfar JAC, 465kg, £1460; 2 and reserve, Robbie Wills, Forfar YFC, 500kg, £1450; 3, Stewart Lawrie, Brechin YFC, 505kg, £1160. 280-310kg – 1, Daniel Fleming, Forfar YFC – 490kg, £1600; 2, Guthrie McEwan, Brechin YFC, 485kg, £1110; 3, Emily Baillie, Brechin YFC, 445kg, £1160.

Unhaltered heifers – 320-370kg – 1,Thomas Wilson, Kinneff JAC, 530kg-£1560; 2, Matthew Steel, Forfar YFC, 410kg-£1060; 3, Jodie Jackson, Brechin YFC, 610kg-£1240.