AROUND 40 members of SAYFC’s Grampian Region gathered at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, for an 'industrial' day event, traditionally called the ladies’ day course, to take part in club baking and craft competitions. 

The classes included floral art taught by Jodie Brown, a past Turriff JAC member, while her husband Craig, an Echt YFC member, held a class in car maintenance. Line dancing was taught by Elma Robertson and a speech making workshop was led by Turriff JAC members, Kim Taylor and Murray Stephen. 

Leading the junior section was Ellen Glennie, Vale of Alford JAC, with Keith YFC’s Abbie McGillivray in second and Turriff JAC’s Laurie Abel in third. Joint winners in the senior section were Mariah Malcolm-Smith, from Turriff JAC, and Amy Duguid, from Strathbogie JAC. Third place was also shared, this time between Zoe Donaldson, also Turriff JAC, and Nicole Work, Udny JAC. 

Udny JAC rounded off a good day to win the club section, with Turriff JAC second and Vale of Alford JAC in third.